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    Monday, August 9, 2021 is the first day of school!



  • Tularcitos Elementary School, a National Blue Ribbon School is located in beautiful Carmel Valley, 12 miles southeast of the town of Carmel-by-the- Sea, California. The school is adjacent to the Carmel Valley Community Youth Center.


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    June 23, 2021

    4:30 PM Closed Session
    5:30 PM Open Session 


    * Will be posted no later than the time and date of the meeting. 

    Attendance and Public Comment During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Given the current Monterey County Order covering the territory of the District, and the Social Distance Guidelines issued by Federal, State, and Local Authorities, the District has taken steps to utilize technology to encourage full public participation during meetings.  The District thanks you for your cooperation in advance. Our community’s health and safety is our highest priority.


    To Attend the Meeting:

    The meeting will be accessible online through the following two options: 


    1. To view the meeting only - Go to the CUSD Board Meeting YouTube Channel at https://youtube.com/c/CUSDBoardMeeting. The District will begin the live stream of the meeting no later than the date and time of the Board meeting.

    2. To view the meeting and make audio comments - Log in to the CUSD Board Zoom Meeting. The District will publish the link and password for the Zoom option on the District's webpage no later than the date and time of the Board meeting. The Zoom meeting capacity is limited to the first 500 attendees.

    Please note that the audio and video portions of all electronic meetings are recorded.


    To Provide Public Comment:

    The public may provide public comment as follows:


    1. For agendized items - For comments regarding items on the agenda, you may provide comment prior any staff presentation and before Board discussion on the item.  You may raise your hand to speak via zoom when the item is called.  You will be announced and unmuted when it is your time to comment.  When you are called upon, you may introduce yourself and provide your comment.  If you wish to comment on more than one agenda item, please wait until each item is called by the Board.


    2. For non-agendized items and Reports - For comments regarding items that are within the Board’s jurisdiction, but not on the agenda, you may provide comment under “III.C. Public Comment on Non-Agendized Items and Reports.”   When that item is called you may raise your hand to speak via zoom.  You will be announced and unmuted when it is your time to comment.  When you are called upon, you may introduce yourself and provide your comment. 


    Because of time constraints, community members wishing to address the Board are allotted three minutes per speaker, but this may be reduced to two minutes per speaker depending on the number of speakers.  To determine the proper time allotment, all speakers who wish to comment on an item will be asked to raise their hands via Zoom when public comment is opened and the Board will then take comments from those who raise their hand at that time.  Please note that speaking time cannot be delegated to another person.  The total time for public comment for each agendized item shall not exceed 20 minutes.


    The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a respectful and productive environment that fosters a culture of civility where staff, the community and the Board feel safe to express themselves and are free from bullying, harassments, and threats. The Board welcomes your comments and requests that you express yourself accordingly. Thank you for your interest in our schools and this meeting.


    DISABILITY INFORMATION: If you require special assistance such as auxiliary aids or services in order to access the Board meeting room, review the agenda, or otherwise participate in this meeting, please contact the Secretary to the Superintendent at 624-1546 ext. 2021. Please provide sufficient advance notice to allow the District time to arrange for your accommodation


    NOTICE TO AUDIENCE: The Board reserves the right to change the order of the agenda items.

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