Mrs. Larimer
    English Language Development (ELD)
    and Reading and Math Support
    Room 11A
    831-624-4609 Ext. 3212


    Welcome to room 11A.  You can check this website and find useful links and information for English Language Development, Reading, and Math Tutorial Classes.  Please contact me with any questions that you may have.

    Here are some insider tips from Reading Specialists:

    *The best way to improve a child's reading ability is through practice.  The more a child reads, the better he/she will become at it.

    *When learning to read, children must learn that reading in a fluent, natural manner is the best method to comprehend what they are reading.  They must learn to see what they are reading as complete sentences and paragraphs and not just as separate words.

    *When a child is learning to read, parents and instructors must provide them with age-appropriate materials.  It is not a good idea to give a child something that is too advanced because not only will the child not understand it, they will also become frustrated at not being able to grasp what they're trying to read.

    *Let children pick the books and other materials that they want to read, as long as they're appropriate.  This way, they will look forward to practicing their reading skills.

    **According to the U.S. Department of Education, students who reported watching less than three hours of television daily had higher reading scores than students who watched more television.


Last Modified on August 25, 2023