Carmel Unified School District


Interdistrict Transfers


From Another District to Carmel Unified

Carmel Unified accepts very few interdistrict transfers. To learn whether your child qualifies, review board policy 5117 for information on interdistrict transfers into Carmel Unified. If you wish to apply, contact your district of residency for an interdistrict transfer application.

From Carmel Unified to Another District


Please come to the District Office to fill out an Interdistrict Transfer application. The form asks for contact information, basic information about your child, which district you are requesting, and your reason for applying. You can submit the form to the Student Services department. It may be denied or approved and mailed to the district requested.


Intradistrict Transfers


From One School to Another Within Carmel Unified


Please complete the Intradistrict Transfer Form. You can submit the form to the Student Services department. You may be required to submit proof of residency.


From Carmel High to Carmel Valley High


Student must first be enrolled at Carmel High. Please contact Carmel High and inform them of your desire to transfer your child to Carmel Valley High. You may be required to submit proof of residency.




Heath Rocha

Chief Student Services Officer
Ph: 831 624-1546 x2010
831 620-1052
Sharon Setliff
Administrative Assistant

Ph: 831 624-1546 x2011
831 620-1052