• The River School Library is home to a collection of over 16,000 books, magazines, reference materials, and professional resources. All students in Transitional Kindergarten through Fifth Grade attend weekly library classes.   All grades learn to independently check out age-appropriate literature and return materials in a timely manner the following week according to established procedures.


    ·      Learn to locate and select materials appropriate to interest and ability.

    ·      Know that library books and materials are shelved in an organized way.

    ·      Discover that fiction is arranged in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

    ·      Recognize that nonfiction is arranged by subject and is shelved in numerical order.

    ·      Locate the picture book, fiction, nonfiction, and special sections.

    ·      Recognize and find folk tales, biographies, and other genres.

    ·      Become aware that the records for library resources are stored in the computer's on-line catalog (OPAC) and materials can be located by accessing these records.

    ·      Utilize library technology for research purposes, current events, and library resources.

    ·      Demonstrate proper care and use of print and non-print materials and equipment.

    ·      Recognize, understand, and use library media vocabulary and terminology appropriate for their level.

    ·      Develop an understanding and appreciation for literature through exposure to various types of genres, book awards, and different authors and illustrators.

    ·      Expand their curiosities and understandings about the world through exposure to a variety of nonfiction materials.

    Students are responsible for their own library materials, with support from home. (It never hurts to remind your student to keep their books in a safe location!) If a library book is lost or damaged, the book will need to be replaced either by paying the fine (the cost for the librarian to buy a new book), or with an exact copy of the book in new condition (via another source). Bear in mind most of our books are "Library Bound" to withstand the wear and tear of many hands and are therefore more costly than versions that can be found on Amazon.com.

    Students in Kindergarten and First Grade can choose one book at a time to take home. Students in Second through Fifth Grade can choose two books at a time. (Expect the student to have a mix of "free-choice" and "guided-choice" books coming home throughout the year.) Students are able to exchange books outside of their assigned library class at the teacher's discretion as well as before school (8:25 - 8:40) and after their lunch (1:15 - 1:45).

Last Modified on August 10, 2023