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        Welcome Buddies    

    River School is a warm, wonderful, and welcoming place! The Welcome Buddies program began in 1992 as a way to ease the transition for new students coming to River School. Every fall two returning students are identified from each classroom (1st-5th) and are trained to be that year’s active Welcome Buddies. The Welcome Buddies’ job is to greet new students when they arrive at River School, show them around campus, and introduce them to various staff members and to their friends. They also help new students understand the routines and rules at River and play with the new students, including them in recess games and activities. Welcome Buddies continue to check in with the new students the entire school year, to make sure the first year transition to River is as smooth as possible.
    Kinder-4th Grade Students, if you are interested in becoming a Welcome Buddy for next, please let me know. You can stop by and let me know or email me at vcraft@carmelunified.org




    Welcome Buddy Job Duties:
    *Greet your new buddy (new student to River and in your classroom)
    *Introduce yourself (tell them your name and ask them theirs)
    *Find out about your buddy (ask them questions to find out more about them: where did they move from? do they like Carmel? do they have a brother/sister?)
    *Give them a quick tour of the school (show them where these places are on campus: bathrooms, office, Nurse, Counselor, multi-purpose room)
    *Play with them (introduce them to your friends and play with them at recess, or make sure they have someone playing with them) 
    *Please tell Counselor, Ms. Veronica, if you are having problems with your buddy (if your buddy doesn't want to talk, play, or is not following school rules). 






















Last Modified on September 6, 2017