Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL®)
    for the 2018-2019 School Year
    We have 21 spots open for interested 5th graders
    If we have more than 21 applicants, we will have a lottery
    (last year we had over 40 applicants)
    We received 48 applications for PAL this year. We were able to add Blue Crew staff under the PAL umbrella, so that we could accept all applicants into the PAL program this year. 
    The PAL® peer assistance leadership program is built upon a philosophy of students helping students.  Established in 1980,  the PAL program addresses the underlying causes of violence, and alcohol, tobacco, and drug use by youth. The program provides participants, opportunities to create a safe and supportive environment and encourage their peers to make healthy life decisions.
    Youth often seek out their peers when they are experiencing some frustration, worry, or concern. Children and adolescents want to help each other, yet they often do not know how or what to do. PAL's are highly skilled, well trained volunteers interested in helping others. By helping others, peer helpers also increase their own leadership skills and personal development.
    River School's PAL curriculum focuses on 4 themes:
    1)Learning about self and cooperation
    2)Goal Setting
    3)Communication- Conflict Resolution-Decision Making
    4)Community Service
    PAL students also serve as River School's Student Council. 


Last Modified on October 4, 2018