Typing Agent 5.0

  • Typing Agent 5.0 with Digital Citizenship

    General Information
    Typing Agent (TA) is the current typing program in use at Carmel River Elementary School and is aimed at third through fifth-grade students. Younger students (k-2) are using Dance Mat Typing and Typing Club which, like Typing Agent, may be accessed online through Carmel Unified School District Classlink portal. Typing Agent rollout a new version (5.0) last summer (2018). At this point it seems to be running fairly stable and can be accessed by all students. So much so, that the district has decided to continue using Typing Agent.
    One of the big selling points for Typing Agent over other similar programs/sites is that it is now incorporating Digital Citizenship and adherence educational standards. From the Typing Agent website: "Typing Agent’s Digital Citizenship curriculum was designed with ISTE Standards in mind. ISTE Standards have the unique ability to support critical digital age learning skills and knowledge.  The curriculum covers 9 sections of Digital Citizenship, has a complete teacher Scope and Sequence, with an exciting superhero-themed video series, interactive student quiz covering each section, and typing activities for students to reinforce concepts." Additionally, the new version will also include an advanced coding curriculum, as well as CAG 2.0 ADA compliant features to help students overcome participation restrictions in learning important keyboarding and technology skills.
    Program Access
    As with all programs and sites that students use for school educational purposes, Typing Agent is accessed through the Carmel Unified School District Classlink portal.

    Students may access their accounts to practice keyboarding at home; student progress is tied to the Typing Agent account, not to any particular device/computer.

    Regular use of Typing Agent

    Regular practice is essential in the development of the skill of typing; students will, during their computer time, usually type/practice for ten minutes prior to engaging in other computer technology activities. Classroom teachers may, at their discretion, allow students time during class for typing practice. Unfortunately, this time at school spent practicing is hardly adequate to the task.

    It is strongly recommended that students should practice typing at home. Those who practice for as little as 10 or 15 minutes, three to four times a week, will see a dramatic improvement in their typing skills.

    More important than speed and accuracy, it is important that students become "touch" typists:"Touch typing (also called touch type or touch keyboarding) is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. Specifically, a touch typist will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory" (wikipedia.com). This means using all of their fingers, having them rest on the appropriate keys in the middle (or "home") row, and using the correct finger for each key. We do have speed and accuracy goals for each grade level, but those are secondary to having students learn how to use home row correctly. The district goal for typing speed is 5 wpm (words per minute) per grade level. This means 15 wpm for 3rd graders, 20 wpm for 4th graders, and 25 wpm for 5th graders. 5th graders promoting to Carmel Middle School are expected to be able to type @ 25 wpm with 100% accuracy.