• "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
    Albert Einstein

    Welcome to Art Class
    Welcome to the elementary ART program for Carmel Unified.  It is my pleasure to share my passion for all things art and teach children about it's history, the lives of artists, and the tools and techniques in our regular classes. Our three elementary schools, River, Tularcitos, and Captain Cooper share an enriching art program as part of their growth and learning. As the students develop through their elementary years they master greater skills within an array of art lessons. Their progression grows within the lessons that challenge each grade level yet encourages self expression and exploration.  Every class from kindergarten through fifth grade has the opportunity to view famous works of art. We discuss the history behind the works, the artist, as well as why and how they created. With each visit to the classroom students enjoy a hands-on experience by creating their own masterpiece in the style of the art/artist studied that day.  In addition to introducing famous works of art and artists, the program focuses on but is not limited to:

    *portrait, landscape, still life,  and sculpture
    *perspective, illusion, realism
    *abstract, surrealism, impressionism, ancient art
    *line, shape, color, value, texture, and space 
    *style, technique, media
    *mood, rythm, and balance
    *pattern, movement, and symmetry
     Art with Mrs. Woodward

    The principle goals of this program are to encourage children to:


    1.  LOOK at art and be INQUISITIVE about it.
    2.  FEEL "comfortable" with art and ENJOY it.
    3.  LEARN the fundamentals and vocabulary of art.
    4.  THINK visually and ANALYZE what they see.
    5.  BECOME familiar with famous art masterpieces, artists and art history.
    6.  BUILD knowledge and appreciate different cultures, artists, and styles.
    7.  EXPLORE various mediums from clay to watercolor, oil pastels to chalk.
    8.  CREATE works of art with confidence and pride as they develop their own natural talents and
    understand they can turn their ideas into something magificent.
    "Art teaches children about creative problem solving, emotional resilience,
    and innovative thinking."
                                                 - Meg Bourne

    Mrs. Woodward at the Louvre  
     Mrs. Woodward at the Louvre in Paris

     Thank you for Zooming with me!  Our last meeting is cancelled so I can get your artworks back to you on the scheduled pick up day.  Happy Summer!

    Awesome websites: 
    Here is a super fun website for drawing #artforkidshub.  art for kids
    Metropolitan Museum of Art is good fun  #Metkids
    Great virtual tours of art museums can be seen on Arts and Culture
    May is National Photography Month.  Grab a camera, go outside and take pictures of anything.  How about animals you find?  My favorite animal is a penguin and this video can be your inspiration to get moving. Penguins having fun!
    Click on the link in red following the grade level for your connection to art class


    Have fun learning to draw a frog prince by watching this Deep Space Sparkle video Frog Prince 
    Let's celebrate spring as we look at this step by step of how-to-draw a baby chick Draw a baby chick
    Earth Day is a perfect time to learn how to draw a cute little bug.  Add wings if you wish or perhaps shoes and a hat. How about drawing this little bug on top of a flower but not on top of your favorite flavor ice cream cone! Draw a BUG

    Let's make a picture of a cute bear in this how-to-draw a Bear with a heart 


    First Grade

    Create your own unique unicorn by watching this Deep Space Sparkle video Flashy Unicorn

    Spring is here!  Flowers and bunny's are around every bend.  This link gives step by step instructions on how to draw them. The bunny has a basket which you may leave out or choose to add more flowers or eggs to if you wish.  Colorful Spring Bunny

    One of our funnest projects this year was making a picture of the American West.  C.M. Russell was an artist of such and spent many years as a cowboy and wrangler in the wild west.  I wonder if he ever got this close to a cow? Draw a close cow

    This year we had fun looking at the popular American foods painted by Wayne Theabaud.  We made a collage of a pizza and our tummies rumbled seeing his pastries.  Try drawing your own pastry with this cupcake how-to video. Cartoon Cupcake


    Second Grade

    Because our last lesson was on the ancient Greeks, check out the Metropolitan Museum of art Met Kids Map and see if you can find the Greek vase on the map.  Tap on it.  What does that vase have in the bottom? Can you draw a picture of the clay pot you made in school?  Try to decorate it with a different geometric pattern.  Your Greek pots will be returned to you at the end of the school year - May(?)
    Celebrate Earth Day and our magnificent oceans by following these steps on how to draw a humpback whale! Try drawing one in the sand on your next visit to the beach or outside your home with chalk. Humpback Whale
    How fun would it be this week to copy Henri Matisse and "draw" with our scissors?  I challenge you to find different colored papers (newspaper, magazines, copy or construction paper) and make a collage the way Matisse would have.  Don't forget his is the "art of wild beasts" so make it wild and wacky. For more inspiration look here Matisse Collage  
    I think mom, grandma, or even a favorite auntie would love a drawing from you this Mother's Day.  Click on this link to discover how to draw a little bird greeting it's mother.  If the little bird is you, consider drawing any brothers and sisters on the branch beside you.  Mom and baby bird


    Third Grade

    The last time we met we studied Australia and aboriginal people.  Check out this video to see if you recognize any of the symbols we discussed and see if you can create a picture story about one of your favorite vactions.  Aboriginal Inspiration
    One of the best things we can do for the health of our planet is reuse our shopping bags.  The Smithsonian American Art Museum has a fun, easy way to make your own bags using an old t-shirt!  Check it out T-shirt bags
    In recognition of Earth Day we can celebrate how our local sea otters made a comeback from near extinction in the 19th century.  Today it is protected under the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act. Have fun drawing these super cute little fellas by following these steps. Sea Otters
    With Mother's Day upon us, let's paint these heart shaped balloons.  You may wish to fold your piece of paper in half to create a card or simply cover the entire page.  Go over your drawings with crayon and before you paint add words to the balloons that remind you of that special person.  Paint your picture with watercolor (if you have them) to complete. Heart shaped balloons

    Fourth Grade 

    We had a lot of fun working on our class optical illusions this year so I'm challanging you to try this 3-D illusion.  On a side note, you don't need to cut out the pieces in the end. 3-D Optical Illusion
    If you found Pablo Picasso inspiring you may wish to look at Mr. Calvert's art class and make your own portrait collage in this 3 part series.  Picasso Pt 1  Picasso Pt 2  Picasso Pt 3
    One way we can celebrate Earth Day is by drawing a happy dolphin splashing in the sea.  Dolphins are a more challenging shape than one might think.  Use any coloring media you may have at home to complete your work or share your art with passing neighbors with chalk at the end of your driveway.  Jumping Dolphin
    How about a picture of you, a self-portrait, in a sombrero? Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is a celebration of Mexican independence.  Follow the steps in this link and remember to change the shape of the hair to match yours. Sombrero self-portrait


    Fifth Grade 

    Because we aren't be able to meet for our next art class, I wish you to learn how to create the illusion of space (element of art) - Viewing a 2-D surface as if it were three dimensional.  I think you will enjoy this 1 Point Perspective.
    Your Roman friezes will be returned to you at the end of the year (May?) Meanwhile, challenge yourself to create a comicbook style strip of events on long strips of paper and then wrap them around a paper towel roll like you have seen on the column!  First check out this fun video on the making of Trajan's column  Making of Trajan's Column  
    This project reminds me of the surrealist artist René Magritte.  You may remember "Time Transfixed", the painting of a steam engine roaring out of a fireplace.  Take this how-to and for the iris of the eye (that's the colored part) draw your own surreal image in celebration of Earth Day.  Surreal Eye  
    This Mother's Day card takes a little work but these special people (could be a grandma or a favorite aunt) are worth it! There is mention of worksheets in the video but you may remeber how we created bubble letters when we studied Roy Lichtenstein at the beginning of the school year.  Have fun! Mother's Day Card
    Supplies can be a little tricky but aside an Amazon order, Michaels has curbside pickup for your convenience.
     Links I appreciate: 
     Why the arts?  http://youtu.be/1M5hs6ahcKU 
     Why is art important?  http://youtu.be/A7n-EXobxzE  
     "Every child is an artist" - Pablo Picasso
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