• "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
    Albert Einstein

    Welcome to Art Class
    Welcome to the elementary ART Program for CUSD.  My name is Terri Woodward and I have been sharing my love of art and teaching children about it for over 21 years.  River School, Tularcitos, and Captain Cooper Elementary enjoy an enriching art program as part of their growth and learning environment.  Through the elementary years the child's techniques and skills develop as the lessons change and become more in depth.   The progression grows within seven art lessons that challenge each grade level.  Every class from kindergarten through fifth grade has the opportunity to view famous works of art and discuss the history behind the works and the artists.  With each art visit students enjoy the hands-on experience of creating their own masterpiece in the style of the art studied that day.  In addition to introducing famous works of art and artists, the program focuses on but is not limited to:

    *portrait, landscape, still life
    *abstract, surrealism, impressionism, modern
    *line, shape, color 
    *texture, style, technique
    *pattern, movement

    The principle goals are to encourage children to:

    1.  LOOK at art and be INQUISITIVE about it.
    2.  FEEL "comfortable" with art and ENJOY it.
    3.  LEARN the fundamentals and vocabulary of art.
    4.  THINK visually and ANALYZE what they see.
    5.  BECOME familiar with famous art masterpieces, artists and art history.
    6.  BUILD knowledge and appreciate different cultures, artists, and styles.
    7.  EXPLORE various mediums from clay to watercolor to oil pastels.
    8.  CREATE works of art with confidence and pride as they develop their own natural talents and
    understand that there is no "wrong" in art. 
    Here are a couple of links I appreciate: 
     Why the arts?  http://youtu.be/1M5hs6ahcKU 
     Why is art important?  http://youtu.be/A7n-EXobxzE  
     "Every child is an artist" - Pablo Picasso
Last Modified on August 23, 2014