• Dear Parents

    Physical Education significantly contributes to student's well-being; therefore, it is an instructional priority for an Elementary School and an integral part of our students' educational experience. High quality physical education instruction contributes to good health, develops fundamental and advanced motor skills, improves student self-confidence, and provides opportunities for advanced levels of physical fitness that are associated with high academic achievement. The Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve affirms the standing of physical education; rigor is essential to achievement, and participation is not the same as education.

    The elementary physical education staff will create an atmosphere that is friendly and challenging. Students learn that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. They learn to accept challenges, problem solve, cooperate and to find enjoyment in physical activity. A successful student learns to value physical activity and participates regularly in vigorous activity outside of the school setting. The instructors strive to foster a love for physical activity and provide the tools to ensure that each student can find their physical fitness niche.

    To be successful in physical education a student should wear proper clothes. Learn what day you child has P.E. and make sure your child is dressed appropriately with athletic shoes and loose fitting clothing. Students may keep athletic shoes in their cubby for P.E. days.  Check to be sure that your child ties their shoes correctly, not under the tongue. Students that wear inappropriate shoes will receive a warning the first offense. The second offense the student will be assigned a lunch detention. We are almost always outside so please take the weather into consideration.

    Our discipline policy follows the school character pillars. If student behavior does not follow these pillars a quite reminder will be the first warning. If the behavior continues the student will take a time out from activity for a maximum of five minutes. After a second offense the child will be removed from activity and observe the rest of class. This will be followed up with a discussion with the student and classroom teacher at the end of session. A continuation of disruptive behavior will result in parent and principal notification.

    We look forward to having your child in class and creating students that can demonstrate movement skills, have knowledge of physical activities, maintain a level of physical fitness, demonstrate physical fitness concepts, and apply their learning to improve health and performance.


    Russell Shugars

    Teacher of Physical Education

    Carmel River School