• Carmel Unified School District collects school impact fees (developer fees) on new residential construction within the boundaries of the school district. The fees are used for the construction and reconstruction of school facilities necessary as a result of new development.

    The current school impact fee rate is as follows:

    • Residential: $0.49 per square foot

    *Additions less than 500 square feet are exempt from this fee.

    Instructions for Payment

    Step 1

    Please contact the Monterey County Resource Management Agency to obtain your School District Developer Fee Referral Form.

    Resource Management Agency

    Step 2

    Provide your School District Developer Fee Referral Form along with payment for fees to the Business Services Department.

    Fees must be paid in the form of personal check, money order, or cashier's check.


    Carmel Unified School District

    Business Services Department

    4380 Carmel Valley Road

    Carmel, CA



    Monday through Friday, 7:30AM - 4:00PM

    *Closed in observance of Holidays



    Kendall Perkins, Accounts Receivable/ School Fees


    (831)624-1546 X2051


    Step 3

    Return completed form to the Monterey County Resource Management Agency.


    Developer Fees–FAQs

    Why do I have to pay developer fees?

    Local School Districts are granted the ability under the Government Code to collect developer fees for construction which creates habitable space within their boundaries.

    I don't have any children/ my children are grown. Do I still have to pay?

    Yes. Payment of school developer fees is required before the City or County issues the building permit.

    Who determines the square footage of the property?

    The City or County will review your plans and determine the square footage. If your project changes, please go back to the City or County to get a revised form. We are unable to change the square footage listed on your forms from the City or County. If you do not believe the square footage listed on the form they provided you is accurate, please contact the City or County directly.

    What forms of payment does the District accept?

    We accept these forms of payment: cashier’s check, personal check, and/or money orders. We do not accept cash or credit cards.