• CUSD's Strategic Direction

    CUSD is proud to share our “Strategic Direction” - the planning work that we have engaged in over the last year. After feedback from students, staff and families on our district's mission, vision, and values, we are publishing our Core Ideology and moving forward with our formal strategic planning process.  

    Now that the Core Ideology is finalized, the Superintendent is eager to begin working with our community on our next step of defining our Portrait of a CUSD Graduate. A graduate portrait identifies the knowledge, skills, and dispositions we want all students to acquire during their time within Carmel Unified. He will soon be sharing numerous opportunities for you to share your input into this process and look forward to finalizing our profile by the end of January. 

    While constructing our Portrait of a Graduate, which will identify a North Star for our district, we will also be finalizing a Balanced Scorecard to measure our effectiveness. Early last year, we identified three areas of need: health and wellness, post-secondary readiness, and instructional programming. During the upcoming strategic goals input process, we will learn if these three strategic pillars will remain, get adjusted, or be replaced. 

    We invite you to review the outlines below and look forward to publishing our finished Strategic Plan late this spring. We will use this plan as our direction for the next several years, before coming back to our community for conversations and possible revisions in the future. We thank you for your upcoming partnership and are excited for the future.

    Strategic Direction - Download the PDF

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    Portrait of a Graduate


    Continue to visit this page to learn more about how you can participate in this process.