• Spelling Bee

    Welcome, Middle School Mavericks, to the thrilling world of words at our annual Spelling Bee! This buzzworthy event is a celebration of linguistic prowess and academic achievement. Each year, our students showcase their spelling prowess in a friendly competition that tests their vocabulary, composure, and quick thinking. From nail-biting eliminations to triumphant victories, our Spelling Bee is a journey into the fascinating realm of language. Whether you're a participant, a spectator, or simply a lover of language, join us as we celebrate the spellbinding talents of our middle schoolers.


    Congratulations to all who participated in this years Spelling Bee.




    Dive into these valuable resources to supercharge your study sessions and prepare for the upcoming Spelling Bee triumph!

  • books

    All of the words from the 2024 School Spelling Bee Study List can be found in the Great Words, Great Works books, allowing you to get to know these words in the context of great stories!

    Check out the suggested books by clicking HERE.

  • word club

    Join the Word Club

    With the free Word Club app for mobile devices and chromebooks, you can have fun while mastering the Words of the Champions. The app is adaptable to different study and quiz styles for both spelling and vocabulary, and added game-play to keep you motivated.

    Download the app today from either Google Play (for your chromebook) or the App Store for a cellphone!

  • Where do the words come from?  Webster

    All 4,000 words in Words of the Champions can be found in Merriam-Webster Unabridged (MWU), the official dictionary of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    Click HERE to visit MWU Website


  • rules

    The Scripps National Spelling Bee encourages spellers, parents, teachers and spelling bee officials to read these rules prior to any local spelling bee!  

    Please take a moment to review the rules of the Bee by clicking HERE.


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