Draw and Submit Your Own Trustee Area Plan Using “Pieces” and the Demographers’ Illustrative Plans

  • The demographers have provided data, maps, and an Excel file to facilitate the public’s drawing of plans. They divided Carmel Unified into 48 pieces. The pieces can be combined to form Trustee Areas. 

    The demographers have created illustrative Trustee Area plans for public and Board review. These preliminary plans are intended to help you identify your preferred approach to designing Trustee Area boundaries. They are drafts and are intended to help everyone think about which boundaries make sense and which don’t.

    The demographers provided an Excel file that allows people to combine pieces to create their own plans. You may find it easier to start with one of the Demographers’ plans, and then adjust it.  

    The Excel file here contains a calculator for a plan you create, along with instructions, maps, and other worksheets. It automatically computes data for your plan and gives Plan Deviation numbers. The total deviation of each plan must be less than 10 percent.

    If you prefer not to use Excel, you can create your own plans using the pdf maps of pieces and a population table of the pieces. You then can calculate the total population for each Trustee Area. You can download this Manual Kit here or pick up a paper copy of the Data table and maps from the District Office (at 4380 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel between Monday and Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). 

    The Total Population data are from the 2020 U.S. Census. Census blocks are the smallest level of geography for which population counts are reported. Each piece is a combination of Census blocks, which cannot be split. The demographers selected boundaries for pieces that they think are most useful. It may be possible to subdivide some pieces (Census block boundaries permitting), and you can email a request to feedback@carmelunified.org. District staff will send your request to the demographers for analysis. 

    The demographers have provided background maps that may be a useful reference when drawing Trustee Area plans. For example, the maps of the Census blocks in Pieces 20 and 21 show why awkward Census block configurations can make it unhelpful to try to split each piece.  

    Submitted districting plans will be sent to the demographers to be analyzed (allow 5 business days for turnaround).


    Draft Plans

    The demographers have provided illustrative plans that meet federal and state requirements:

    Plan 1

    Plan 2

    Plan 3

    Plan 4

    Plan 5

    Plan 6

    Plan 7

    Plan 8

    Plan 9a

    Plan 9b

    Ingram Plan - does not meet legal requirements