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     PTO Activities


    PTO Meetings –  first Thursday of month

    Location:  Zoom or CVCYC        Time:  6:30pm

    Find out first hand what is going on and share your opinions! 


    Room Parents

    A fun way to get involved in your child’s classroom. You are the direct communication liaison between the PTO, teacher, and classroom parents. You will also assist the teacher as needed with special classroom events. This can be a co-parent job.


    Fall Festival

    Our BIG family event -- an outdoor family and community event with live music, farmers market, games, food booths, dunk tank, train rides, crafts, prizes, raffle, slides, bounce houses and more!!!

    This requires a lot of parent volunteers and is a lot of fun to work on.


    Bucks for Bobcats – Pledge-drive fundraiser

    A pledge-drive replacing the retail driven fundraisers (e.g., gift wrap sale, bulb sale, etc.)

    of previous years.  Parents and the community have the opportunity to give 100% of their donations directly to the school.


    Staff Appreciation Luncheon

    Teachers and staff are honored and thanked for their hard work.  The PTO prepares a delicious lunch as well as provides parent playground supervision so that the entire staff can attend. 



    The Hospitality Committee provides food/snacks for many school and PTO events, including PTO meetings, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Conference week and Open House BBQ Dinner. 


    Box Top$ for Education/Amazon Smiles

    Raise money while you shop! Sign up for Amazon Smiles and select Tularcitos PTO as your charity of choice. Scan your grocery receipts in the Box Top$ app, and get money for purchases.


    Reading Week -  No Screens for Ice Cream

    A celebration of reading!  Give up “screens” for a week.  No TV, computers, phones, anything with a screen.  Celebrate family time and Reading!  The participants get rewarded with an Ice Cream party. Events will include read-ins, reading nights with special guests and classroom activities.


    Talent Show
    Help organize and put on a wonderful evening to celebrate the diverse Talents of our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. 

    Tularcitos Open House & family Dinner
    This is one of our largest attended events! Enjoy our school Art show, visit our Bobcat Garden, socialize over dinner before visiting your child’s/children’s classroom(s).  It is a fun event held on the lower playground for all families and relatives.


    School Yearbook – sales - Fall; delivery - June
    A priceless memento of the entire school year, with a special section dedicated to the graduating 5th graders.  Taking pictures, documenting events, building a memory for the students to cherish.  This is a fun committee for volunteers that like photography and being creative.


    5th Grade Ice Cream Sales

    Our 5th grade works hard all year to raise money for their 5th grade pool & BBQ celebration on the day of their promotion.  Parent volunteers (usually  5th gr parents)  sell Ice Cream at all the school events: kinder angel band, all music concerts, reading night, Fall festival, Open house or after school. 


    Spirit Wear

    Help to Purchase a wide and colorful assortment of logo T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, magnet, and more! Available online.


    Spring Fling

    Our largest fundraiser and social event at a fantastic venue in Carmel Valley - dinner, drinks, dancing with live and silent auction items.


    Family Camp Out

    Join the Tular Dads’ Club for our annual family campus camp out.


    Bobcat Pool Party

    Join the PTO for some fun in the sun!  Meet new parents and old, and swim, slide and jump into the new school year.


    What does the PTO support?

    The PTO is committed to supporting new and ongoing programs at Tularcitos.  These programs include:

    • Classroom Technology

    • Field Trips 

    • Hospitality

    • Outdoor Garden

    • Talent Show

    • Playground Improvements and Equipment 

    • School Beautification Projects

    • Student Assistance

    • Supplemental Teacher-requested Items

    • Swimming Program

    • Tennis Court Maintenance 


    How can I help?

    You can make a difference!  Whether you have a few minutes, a few hours, or an abundance of time, you can help … you can enhance the educational experience at Tularcitos.  For example:  

    • Attend the PTO meetings

    • Buy or help sell Spirit Wear

    • Help run your class’s booth at Fall Festival

    • Plan/organize our Spring Fling

    • Be a Room Parent or Co-room parent

    • Scan receipts in Box Tops App

    • Sign up for Amazon Smile

    • Consider serving as an officer

    • Help in our Garden

    Get involved!

    2021-2022 Officers


    President   Gina Nucci



    Vice-President Lauren Robertson



    Secretary  Shelley Franklin



    Treasurer Lauren Collins



    Room Parent Kristen Rianda

    Coordinator knrianda@gmail.com



    Principal   Ryan Peterson




    What is the PTO?


    The Tularcitos “Parent Teacher Organization” is a non-profit, volunteer group whose purpose is to provide support for school programs, to encourage involvement in our students’ education, and to strengthen the sense of community at Tularcitos Elementary School.


    The PTO connects Tularcitos parents, teachers and staff, and the community, with a goal of providing a unique opportunity to be a part of the Tularcitos community.


    All parents/guardians of any child enrolled at Tularcitos and all members of the school staff are members of the PTO.  Membership is free!