• There are several different ways you can help out in Room 7 this year.
     Math Tiles - Three times a week we will be doing a conceptual math activity called "math tiles."  This is an individually paced math program that students will work on throughout the year.  As a parent volunteer during this time your job will be to roam around and help those who need help and check answers.  For this job you would commit to one day a week for about 45 minutes each time.
    Photographer- I would love to have someone help with taking photos at different class events. 
    Friday Fun Time - Every Friday at the end of the day we will be having a free choice time.  This time is a great opportunity for parents to come into the classroom and work with a small group of students.  You are welcome to come in and teach an activity of your choice or I am happy to make suggestions.  Simple activities that have been very popular in the past are origami, paper airplane folding lesson, friendship bracelets, art activities, puppet making, jewelry making and chess lessons.
    Scholastic Book Orders - If you would like to help out at home, you could help me with the monthly scholastic book orders that I send home.  This job would involve tallying student book orders and sending the order to scholastic.  Then when the order is delivered, you would sort the books and place them in the cubby of the person who made that order.
Last Modified on October 17, 2016