• CHS WASC Accreditation Process

    WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) conducts periodic reviews of schools throughout California to provide terms of Accreditation. CHS earned a 6 year accreditation term in 2019 and has now begun work on the next self study which will take place in the 24-25 school year.

    WASC Accreditation visits are valuable to our school in the following ways:

    • Assures the school community that the school’s purposes are appropriate and will be accomplished through a viable education program  — a trustworthy institution for student learning
    • Validates the integrity of the school’s program and transcripts
    • Facilitates transfer of credits to other English-speaking schools — critical for college/university acceptance worldwide
    • Provides a process for regularly examining programs, processes, and data around school goals and student learning through data analysis, reflection, inquiry, and dialogue
    • Builds a professional culture to support the schoolwide action plan
    • Fosters the continuous improvement of the school’s programs and operations to support student learning
    • Provides valuable insight from fellow educators visiting the school