2020 CMS Student Film Festival


    2020 TIMELINE

    The Film Festival will return next year.

    • Thursday, March 5th: Announce during The Gathering 
    • NO LATER THAN Wednesday, March 11th: Sign ups are now closed.
    • Thursday, March 12th: Genre Drawing and Announcement of Required Elements
    • NO LATER THAN Thursday, April 2nd: StoryBoard and/or Script (Required) (Proof of Concept) (Can be submitted earlier)
    • Friday, April 24th: Films Due by 4:00 PM
    • April 25th - May 3rd: Judging
    • Sunday May 3rd, 6:00 Screening and Awards in the Carmel High School Theater

    2019 Winners

    View the 2019 Films

    1. Representation of Genre: The Adventure
    2. Use of the line - “This changes everything” The Adventure
    3. Use of the prop:  TTYL
    4. Use of Morgan Ricketts: Blood and Fire
    5. Opening Sequence: Jimmy Ricket’s Heist
    6. One Liner: The Plan
    7. Screenplay: Blood and Fire
    8. Special Effects: Mount Corona
    9. Costumes: Blood and Fire
    10. Editing: Mount Corona
    11. Art Direction: Stolen Sun
    12. Director: The Adventure
    13. Actor: Nominees: Colin Dowse
    14. Actress: Morgan Mayer
    15. Best Picture: Mount Corona



    • Duration of films: 4-7 minutes
    • Production Team Name
    • Designated Production Team Leader
    • Team will be randomly assigned a genre : Comedy, Romance, Silent, Sci-Fi, Western, Thiller/Suspense, Action/Adventure or Disaster
    • Required Elements. All teams must include:
      • Line of dialog:
      • Prop: 
      • Character: 
    • You can use your own equipment, or you can check out a school camera, microphone and tripod for 2 night checkout.