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    Get ready for the spotlight, Middle School Stars! Our annual CMS Film Festival is a cinematic celebration of creativity and storytelling, showcasing the incredible talent of our middle school filmmakers. From riveting dramas to hilarious comedies, our students bring their visions to life on the big screen, captivating audiences with their unique perspectives. Join us for an unforgettable event of cinematic magic as we roll out the red carpet for these budding directors and actors, proving that in our middle school, the show must go on!

    Stay tuned for details, trailers, and a sneak peek into the world of imagination at this year's CMS Film Festival. Get ready to be entertained, inspired, and amazed – it's showtime! 🎬🌟


2023 CMS Student Film Festival

  • Film Festival 2023

    Best Picture: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Director: Grace Xu, R.E.D.O

    Best Editing: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Representation of the Genre: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Special Effects: Willow’s Ring

    Best Screenplay: Maya Steinberg, Willow’s Ring

    Best Sound Editing: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Actor: Sierra Lyons, Willow’s Ring

    Best Actor: Sparrow Picard, The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Use of the Required Prop (Mirror): R.E.D.O

    Best  Use of the Required Line (“Can you keep a secret?): Willow’s Ring

    Best Use of the Required Action (Unlocking something): R.E.D.O

    Best Use of the Required Character (Cookie): The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Best Outro: R.E.D.O.

    Best Performance by a Younger Sibling: Penny Rose, The Way the Cookie Crumbles



    Film Title: R.E.D.O. Relive Every Day Oppressively


    Genre: Disaster

    Production Team: BBB Studios

    Team Leader: Grace Xu

    Screenplay Written By: Grace Xu, Choice Muivah, Natalia Ymata

    Production Team Members: Lyla Thompson, Grace Xu, Choice Muivah, Eta Gao, Ashley James, Natalia Ymata, Nicoya Ibsen, Bridget Trambley, Addison Mendoza

    Cast: Bridget Trambley, Addison Mendoza, Lyla Thompson



    Film Title: Willow's Ring


    Genre: Superhero

    Production Team: Juicebox Productions

    Team Leader: Maya Steinberg/Sierra Lions

    Screenplay Written By: Maya Steinberg

    Production Team Members: Maya Steinberg, Sierra Lions, Lily Philips, Devon Wells, Cat Martynova

    Cast: Sierra Lions, Lily Philips, Charlotte Keener, Andrea Olvera, Widget Wells



    Film Title: The Way the Cookie Crumbles


    Genre: Thriller/Suspense

    Production Team:  A Spoonful of Sugar

    Team Leader: Sparrow Picard

    Screenplay Written By: Sparrow Picard, Stella Ingram

    Production Team Members: Sparrow Picard, Anna Kalman-Zulik, Stella Ingram

    Cast: Penny Rose (Margaux,) Anna Kalman-Zulik (Brooklyn,) Stella Ingram (Lola,) Sparrow Picard (Cookie/Alexandra,) Olive Picard (Dead Body)

  • 2023 TIMELINE

    Tuesday, March 7th: Last Day for Production Team Sign-ups

    Wednesday March 8th: Genre drawing and announcement of required elements in the library during lunch. At least one member from each production team must be present.

    Tuesday, March 28th (no later than): Proof of Concept Due. (Storyboard or script). Submit on Google Classroom.

    Friday, April 28th 4PM: Films due. Submit link on Google Classroom

    Sunday, May 7th 6PM: Screening and Awards in Carmel High Theater


    • Duration of films: 4-7 minutes
    • Production Team Name
    • Designated Production Team Leader
    • Team will be randomly assigned a genre : Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Western, Thiller/Suspense, Action/Adventure or Disaster
    • Required Elements. All teams must include:
      • Line of dialog: Can you keep a secret?"
      • Prop: Mirror
      • Character: Cookie
      • Action: Unlocking something
    • You can use your own equipment, or you can check out a school camera, microphone and tripod for 2 night checkout.



    Click here for the 2022 Student Film Festival Awards, Links and Production Details.

     (There was no festival 2020 or 2021 due to COVID.)

    2019 Winners

    View the 2019 Films

    1. Representation of Genre: The Adventure
    2. Use of the line - “This changes everything” The Adventure
    3. Use of the prop:  TTYL
    4. Use of Morgan Ricketts: Blood and Fire
    5. Opening Sequence: Jimmy Ricket’s Heist
    6. One Liner: The Plan
    7. Screenplay: Blood and Fire
    8. Special Effects: Mount Corona
    9. Costumes: Blood and Fire
    10. Editing: Mount Corona
    11. Art Direction: Stolen Sun
    12. Director: The Adventure
    13. Actor: Nominees: Colin Dowse
    14. Actress: Morgan Mayer
    15. Best Picture: Mount Corona