• Places and activities to explore


    The Monterey County Free Libraries have  wonderful on-line resources.  Activities for preschool-high school.  Tumblebooks, activities and games. Older students can read E-books and E-magazines.  They have recently updated their website. Students/Parents do need a public card. You can now apply for this on-line.

     Here is their web address: emcfl.org or



    March 2020

     Since we have the space theme in the library this year. There are read alouds from the International Space Station. 


     Storyline Online is another place to find great stories for younger students.



    April 2020

     April is poetry month.  The following websites are places to explore and share poetry Students may copy a favorite poem and make an illustration.

     The Poetry Foundation has a variety of poems.


     The Academy of American Poetry is organized by subject. I recommend this site for our older students as some topics will need some background knowledge.  Search poems for kids. 



    Family activity:

    April is a good time to write nature poems to acknowledge our Earth.  The Japanese Lantern form is short and simple.  The lantern is 5 lines, written with each line being centered on the page to form a lantern shape. The syllable pattern is 1-2-3-4-1.  Here is an example:




    Fly eating

    Inching forward