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2020 Mr. G's Distance Learning 3rd Trimester

  • March 16, 2020

    Dear Third Grade Families,

    Here is a list of instructions to get you and your third grader through the next two weeks, and beyond, for learning and engaging in review activities.  

    Language Arts

    • Please have your child read for at least 30 minutes each day.  Remember that even reading comic books and magazines inspire interest and learning.
    • We included 5 fun writing prompts and an Opinion Writing packet.  We are expecting 2 paragraphs/essays per week

    Here is a guide for Language Arts School/Homework in addition to the reading and writing.  We are starting with Unit 3. We are expecting 1 story per week.

    1.  In the Hardback Textbook read the story beginning on page 194.  

              Then complete the workbook pages 67-73

    1. Story page 220-workbook pages 74-80
    2. Story page 240-workbook pages 81-87
    3. Story page 258-workbook pages 88-94
    4. Story page 272-workbook pages 95-101

    If we need to extend our time away from school, please continue this cycle for Unit 4.

    If you would like additional resources and fun games to go along with each story, or have the story read out loud, you may access ConnectEd on Classlinks.

    Social Studies-

    We have included 8 newspapers that address a variety of topics about the places where we live.  You are able to listen to each article and access additional activities on the computer. Use Classlinks (Studies Weekly) to engage in more learning.


    Most of the math we are expecting from our students is review.  However, we would like students to explore and learn about measurement and data.  We have included Topic 15 and Topic 16, which we expect to be completed. Remember that the Reteaching Page has detailed instructions.  Please use the hardback textbooks for reference and more practice.

    *Please practice math skills by visiting Imagine Math by using the Classlinks icon on our school website.

    *If you would like help explaining topics to your child, access the Khan Academy website, and just search the topic with third grade as part of the search.

    *In addition to this math learning, students also need to keep up on the math facts- focusing on all four operations:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. They can access Reflex Math on Classlinks to help with practice.  There are also many websites that you can use to download flashcards or practice sheets to aid in the memorization of facts.

    Additional Activities/Resources on Classlinks

    *Typing Agent.

    *Brain Pop 

    *ST Math 


    *Don’t forget to search for a variety of enrichment activities throughout our school website.


    April 6, 2020

    Dear Third Grade Families,

    I am writing this letter at the beginning of our fourth week of distance learning/surviving.  I am missing everyone so much, but I must say that our weekly Zoom meetings are easing the pain of not seeing the students.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Please contact me if you need any more communications about the work I have provided, or you just want to say hi.  I believe you will be picking up these materials after Spring Break.  I hope you all enjoyed the week off.  That sounds a bit strange, since it feels as if we have had the last month off.

    Zoom Meetings-I would love to continue our class Zoom meetings.  We will continue to have these meetings every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30.  Please look for an emailed invitation each Monday and Thursday.  I would like these meetings to include more sharing by students.  Each meeting I would like several students to share their writings or new learnings.  If your child would like to share something please have them prepared.  I am also going to start doing short read alouds during these meetings.

    Math- I have prepared the rest of student workbook pages for completion.  Please have students work on these pages for learning and practice.  

    *You will notice in the geometry unit, Unit 11, that there are many vocabulary words.  Please have students focus on these terms, as it will help them understand the specific definitions of shapes.  I would suggest making flash cards or a geometry dictionary of these terms.  You will also notice that on Imagine Math I have created a new pathway titled Mr. G. 2020 Geometry.  Please take advantage of online resources, such as the Khan Academy, to help deliver some instruction regarding these new math topics.

    *Unit 12 focuses on Time.  Please help your child understand how to read an analog clock by practicing daily.  It is fun to make a clock with a paper plate and paper clips.  Get creative how you color and number the clocks. I will create a Time unit on Imagine Math

    *Unit 13 and Unit 14 are focusing on Area and Perimeter.  A fun activity to do with this unit is to print out some grid paper and make designs and pictures and then figure out the Area and Perimeter.  Look for Imagine Math Pathways titled Mr. G. 2020 Area/Perimter

    *Have fun with the last Unit called Step Up, as it is preparing these students for fourth grade.

    Please continue to have students study their facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Use flash cards and online resources for help in mastering these facts.

    Social Studies-I have included the rest of the student newspapers.  Students can learn from these newspapers or access the Social Studies website using Classlinks.  These are possible good resources for Informational Writing.  Remember if students are really interested in one of these topics, they should pursue further learning online, with Brainpop, for example.

    Scholastic News- I have provided eight new Scholastic News articles home for enjoyment and learning.

    Silent Reading-Please continue to have your child read every day.  Remember that the tests are available online.  The large orange books contain great stories, if you do not have a large library at home.

    Writing-I have included six fun writing prompts that students can work on.  I would encourage them to share these during our Zoom Meetings.

    *Informational Writing*-I am including a copy of our district Writing Rubric, so you will understand what our expectations are.  I am also sending home a paper copy of the Informational Writing Planner.  I will send you a digital copy that you can keep on your computer as a master google doc.  This style of writing allows students to share what they have learned after studying a topic.  I suggest we all keep this simple.  Students can choose a topic of their interest, let’s say an animal, like a bearded dragon.  Step one is to gather information about the topic.  This can be done with a book, the internet, a TV documentary, or other resource.  Once they have information they need to organize that information into subtopics, such as Diet, Habitat, Adaptations, etc.  Students are familiar with writing facts from sources and then providing further explanations or examples.  I think it is very important that each subtopic begin with a detailed sentence explaining what this subtopic is about.  I will work on sending out simple examples from past assignments to help guide you and your child.

    Language Arts-I hope that Unit 3 went well for everyone.  Please continue the process for Unit 4 and Unit 5.  Continue to read the stories in the Hardback book and then do the appropriate workbook pages.  You can access all programs using ConnectEd on Classlinks, including spelling and grammar.

    Please continue working on Typing Agent and cursive.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.  I look forward to continuing our virtual meetings.

    Be well, and I miss you all


    Mr. G.

     Email Sent April 9th Clarifying Wonders Activities On-Line

    Hi Families,
    So, hopefully there is now some extra language arts materials available for you that is aligned with the stories that we had originally assigned.  Go to Classlinks and find the Connect Ed app.  This opens up the Language Arts Program for the week.  There are writing activities, grammar and spelling games, and the stories are available to be read to the students.  In addition to the anthology (hard back book) there are the little colored readers they can read/listen to and take AR tests.  This is just supplemental work that will benefit your child.  Please explore this site and use it as you like.  Please let me know if it is working and what your thoughts are related to the work.  Students have not used this in class so be prepared to help them problem solve with navigating through different activities.
    If there is a class to choose from please choose 2019-2020:  Guzowski - TCH_110388-CUSD NOT Guzowski - TCH_110388-CUSD.  
    Today and the rest of the week it will automatically take you to Unit 3 Week 4 with a Unit Title _New Ideas- It is about getting ideas from nature.
    Please play around with it and give me feedback.
    Next week, although, it is break, I did put on the calendar Unit 3 Week 5.  Do not do it if you do not want to, as it is our Spring Break-with no schoolwork.
    This way we can start Unit 4 Week 1 on April 20th.  Each week after that will be the next story with the activities provided on line.
    Again, thank you for your understanding and patience.  Please let me know how and if this is on the right track now.
    Thank you and I will see your students tomorrow at our Zoom meeting at 9:30.  I will send an invitation later today.
Last Modified on May 13, 2020