• Let's Make A Landscape Flip Book!

    Use the plastic bag that has the rectangular pre-cut colored construction paper pages. We realized you don't need the blank white papers we included. So, you can save those for another project! Yippeeeee!


    • Beware! The order of numbers on the papers is not correct. Here's how you should make your flip book:
    • Cut out the 9 forms and trace each onto the corresponding colored paper. Cut out the square for the peach cover (it's easier to cut out a square if you fold the paper fiirst, like we did when we made our Halloween House artwork). 
    • Keep the light blue sky back cover a rectangle, this is the only page you don't cut.
    • Cut out the shapes for all the other colors, as indicated.
    • Arrange the pages like this: 

    Peach Cover

    Green Grass

    Brown Ground

    Dark Green Trees

    Dark Blue Water

    Lavender Mountains

    Yellow Sun

    Back Cover, Light Blue Sky


    • Carefully make sure the book is straight, then have a parent help you to staple the side so that you make a little book. 
    • You can make this a card and if you would like to write a little note, you can do so on the bottom half of the very last light blue page (so that your writing doesn't show in the landscape).
    • Enjoy!
Last Modified on May 7, 2020