• *Red is Best:


    Then write and draw in your journal about what your favorite color is and WHY.  Be sure to use the word “because.”


    *Watch this video of a book that also expresses an opinion about something that a girl wants. After watching it write and draw in your journal about something that you want.  Try to use your writing to convince someone to let you have what. Remember to use the word “because” to tell us why you want it.



    *Watch this story about this girl’s opinions.  Choose something that you think is ‘the best’ in your opinion to write and draw about in your journal. Remember to tell why it is the best.



    *Watch the video about the difference between facts and opinions. Write and draw in your journal about what, in your opinion, is the best fruit. Remember to tell us why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIyt5pEcE_g

Last Modified on April 26, 2020