Puedo ir al bano

Follow the steps below to sign up for Sr. Wooly

  • *This is completely free and I set up classes for distance learning.

     Here are the steps.

    *GO TO www.SenorWooly.com Click here:  SenorWooly.com

    *Click TOUR for Student Accounts

    *Click on LOG IN/SIGN UP

    *Click SIGN Up to register

    * Join a class-your grade.

    * Enter the code below that corresponds to your grade.   It will expire after two weeks.  Let me know if you are signing up after that, and I will be able to give you a new code.

    *Enter your first name (the one you go by at school) and only the initial of your last name.  *Important-no full last names or nicknames, please.*

    *Choose an avatar from the selection.

    *Choose 2 icons to serve as your password.  Remember what they are and the order.  Write it down.  The website does not save any of these.  I can help you reset it, but you have to go through me.  

    *And you are in!  Feel free to watch the videos (stories) that are unlocked for you.  Just one to begin with- ¿Puedo ir al baño? (May I go to the bathroom?) Put on the English and Spanish captions.  Play around, try out the games.  We’ll go over more during our zoom meetings.

     *Message me if you have any questions through google classroom (you know your code) or here's my email:   Señora Griffin's email  

    5th Grade: WUF6RA

    Wooly Sign Up