Puedo ir al bano

Accessing Sr. Wooly (5th Graders Only)

  • *This is completely free and all students in 5th grade have been signed up and have logged in on classlinks.

     Here are the steps.

    *Access your account through Classlinks or go to  SenorWooly.com

    *Click on LOG IN and follow the directions.

    *And you are in!  Feel free to watch the videos (stories) that are unlocked for you.  Just one to begin with- ¿Puedo ir al baño? (May I go to the bathroom?) Put on the English and Spanish captions.  Click on Nuggets and do the activities to earn points.  Remember that you need to do several activities to earn the 600 points required to complete an entire nugget.

     *Message me if you have any questions through google classroom or here's my email:   Señora Griffin's email