Puedo ir al bano

Follow the steps below to sign up for Sr. Wooly

  • *This is completely free and I set up classes for distance learning.

     Here are the steps.

     *GO TO www.SenorWooly.com Click here:  SenorWooly.com

    *Click TOUR for Student Accounts

    *Click on LOG IN/SIGN UP

    *Click SIGN Up to register

    * Join a class-your regular Home room teacher.

    * Enter the code below that corresponds to your homeroom teacher (scroll to very bottom of this screen).  It is specific to your class.  It will expire May 26th.  Let me know if you are signing up after that, and I will be able to give you a new code.

    *Enter your first name (the one you go by at school) and only the initial of your last name.  *Important-no full last names or nicknames, please.*

    *Choose an avatar from the selection.

    *Choose 2 icons to serve as your password.  Remember what they are and the order.  Write it down.  The website does not save any of these.  I can help you reset it, but you have to go through me.  Easier if you write it down and keep it in your red folder when you get it on Wednesday, April 8.

    *And you are in!  Feel free to watch the videos (stories) that are unlocked for you.  Just one to begin with- ¿Puedo ir al baño? (May I go to the bathroom?) Put on the English and Spanish captions.  Play around, try out the games.  We’ll go over more during our zoom meetings.

     *Message me if you have any questions through google classroom (you know your code) or here's my email:   Señora Griffin's email