• Here are some resources for parents and students to help with concepts.  If you find other good information, please share with me!

    Here is the most up-to-date version.



    Link to resource

    Review of Long Division



    Khan Academy Video, you can fast forward to 4:35


    Converting Metric Units 14-9:

    Week 2


    Khan Academy Video


    Geometry Intro 16-1:

    Week 3


    Khan Academy Video, you can stop around 9:30


    Intro to Angles 16-2

    Week 3


    Khan Academy Video


    Angles as fraction of a circle 16-3

    Week 3


    Example problem

    Version of protractor


    Using Pattern Blocks to find Angle Measures 16-4

    Week 3


    Lesson with student work and video

    Pattern Blocks with angle measures


    Using a protractor 16-5

    Week 3


    Online protractor tool

    How to use a protractor to draw an angle