• Parent Update During School Closure- May 18

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 5/18/2020
    Hi parents,
    With only two weeks left I thought you might want to see how distance learning for the school year will be winding down for our class:
    Next Monday, May 18th at 1:00pm will be one more Nature talk Zoom chat with Miss Julie and Miss Kirsten. Please tell your child to come up with one good question to ask them about our Carmel Valley natural environment.  This will be shorter than our nature walk, which went on a bit too long. ;)

    I'll send out the zoom link as a reminder on Monday morning. 
    Here is the link to the agenda:
    Week of May 25th
    May 25th at 1:00pm - final Zoom whole group class chat. I realize that this is Memorial Day. If anyone can't make it due to the holiday, please let me know, so I can work it into another part of the week. It's pretty important that as many children as possible can be present so they can have closure.
    The rest of the week will be dedicated to chatting in small groups of students so we can have one last time to connect before we end the school year.  If for any reason, your child would rather not participate or if a phone call would work better, than Zoom due to connectivity issues etc. please let me know. I have done my best to group those students who seem to have connection issues together so, at the very least we could do a group phone call or text chat.
    Please review the email I sent last Saturday to see the group
    and time that your child is placed. If there are any issues please
    let me know.
    Thank you all for your tireless academic and emotional support of your children during shelter in place.
    With much appreciation and big hugs to you all! 


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  • Parent Update during School Closure- May 11

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 5/11/2020
    Dear parents,
    This update is a shortened version of the email, which contains zoom and google doc links that should not be posted on this web page. 
    I hope that all of you wonderful moms were able to relax and enjoy some very special treatment for Mother's Day.
    I’d like to thank you for your contribution to my “teacher gift” which Mira was able to donate to the Monterey County Food Bank  and the United Farm Workers Union last Saturday. These funds will help our neighbors who are working so heroically to harvest food for our tables while putting their own health and safety at risk. It means so much to me to know that our class has helped people in our community who really need all the support they can get right now. I am deeply humbled by your generosity and am so thankful for all of the sweet emails, texts, comments, and hand drawn pictures that you shared with me during teacher appreciation week. I am so fortunate to be your child’s teacher this year for so many reasons 🥰💕❣️

    With warm regards,
    Mrs. O'Bryan
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  • Parent update during school closure - May 2

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 5/4/2020

    Hi Parents,

    Last week we had a few missed opportunities to connect due to some confusion about the class communication  check-in sign up sheet. To avoid  further confusion I'd like to indicate the frequency of our meetings as “weekly” for individual students who want it on a weekly basis or “just for this week” for those students who just need it once in a while. If you are on this schedule and want to continue our weekly check-ins, do nothing and I'll continue to reach out at the same time and mode every week (red font means you want a weekly check-in). Please remove your child’s name if you don’t need to check in every week.You can always add it back if the need arises. If you are adding to this schedule, please write “weekly” or “one time” by your child’s name on the sheet.

    Click here for the link.

    Here are our links for next week:

    Mrs. O’Bryan’s Zoom Meeting Agenda


    Room 20 Bobcat padlet: https://padlet.com/eobryan/3e0h3cla3hh7m1xk

    Enjoy the beautiful weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

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  • Parent Update During School Closure- April 24

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 4/25/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Hi Parents,

    Thanks for selecting your preferred time for our zoom meeting with Julie and Kirsten next week. The majority of you preferred Wednesday at 10:30, so we are planning for that. 
    I'll be emailing the zoom link out to you earlier in the morning on Wednesday.
    Until then if anything comes up that your child needs support with or you need clarification about anything, please email me or set up a meeting time with me on my class communication sign up page:
    Have a wonderful weekend!
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  • Parent update during school closure- April 11

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 4/13/2020

    Hello parents, Friday, April 10th, 2020

    As we head into our spring break,  I wanted to let you all know how grateful I am to have connected with you and your children either individually with FaceTime, via email, text or in our group Zoom meeting. I am so happy to see how you all have risen to the occasion of teaching your children so well and being such fantastic parents. All of your efforts will guarantee that your child continues to learn successfully to the end of first grade, and she or he will be truly ready to jump right into learning at the beginning of 2nd grade, next year.

    Although it has been sad to have ended our time together in the classroom so abruptly, I am optimistic that we will not only continue to have a very positive shared (albeit virtual) experience as a class, but somehow in the future, we will get a chance to celebrate the end of our first grade year together. 

    As mentioned in Mr. Peterson’s Friday email teachers have assembled a new round of student materials, textbooks, math worksheets, workbooks, etc. that will be available to pick up from Bobcat hall on April 20th.

    We have gathered quite a lot of materials from our classrooms intended for families to use as they see fit. They are considered resources for student learning only and their use is not mandatory. As Mr. Peterson mentioned, we are keeping learning “asynchronous” and flexible, and want you to choose how to meet your student’s academic needs in a way that works best for you and your family.

    With all of that in mind, I am discontinuing my Question of the Week, which was meant for fun but might by now be considered by you or your child as yet another task in an overwhelmingly long list of suggested tools, lessons and resources that you have been bombarded with since this whole distance learning journey began.  As a replacement, I have created a page / posting wall, called a Padlet,  where you or your child can post ideas, share fun experiences, jokes, etc. by uploading a picture or video, writing a text or, if you wish to continue posting journal work, posting a picture of your child’s best writing. It is meant for fun and a place to share a la FaceBook, but strictly for our class (and safe for children).

    I will send out another email with the link to our Room 20 Bobcat padlet, next Monday morning.

    Finally, I will keep updating the O’Bryan Class communication schedule google.doc so parents of any student who needs instructional support from me can sign up in the yellow fields. Click here for the link:   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vtEogJjm5VqtbQ-6s-j59LoKjhmlSe0XJtq_63rICck

    Our weekly Zoom meeting will be a recurring event, starting Monday, April 20th, at 1:00pm.

    I will send out another Zoom invite on Monday mornings.

    Have a wonderful, stress free spring break and I’ll see you at our class Zoom meeting!  

    We can do this!

    Mrs. O’Bryan


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  • Parent School Closure Update-April 3

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 4/4/2020

    April 3, 2020 

    Dear Families & Friends,

    Congratulations on finishing week three of distance learning! I am sending a big hug out to all of you!  Thank you for working so hard at home. I hope you have created a schedule that works for your family. Remember the most important schedule is one that is flexible and one that works for you.

    Next week we are on Week 26 for Spelling.  Please have your child study the list for Week 26 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday in their journals.  Your child’s weekly work includes: learning new spelling words, handwriting practice pages, writing in their journals, practicing math skills on STMath every day, and 15-20 minutes of daily reading.  Some families have asked for more ideas for journal writing, so I have included some more ideas on my webpage.

    Next week, we will be working on making new packets to get us through the end of the year.  These will not be available to you until after spring break.  Mr. Peterson will be sending out more information on how to pick up the additional packets. The new packets will include more Social Studies Magazines, Scholastic News, daily math mats, and our Wonders Reading Series.

    We will be starting class meetings via Zoom next week, and I am so excited that we will all be able to see and talk to each other!  

    I will send out another email that will be the invitation.

    I know it was sad news to hear that we will not be returning to school this year. Together will go forward with a positive attitude and make the best of the situation!   Stay healthy and happy!

    Big love, hugs, and high fives,

    Mrs. O’Bryan 

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  • Parent School Closure Update- March 27, 2020

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 3/27/2020

    Hi Parents!


    I am sending a great big hug out to all of you as we head into our third week apart. It is unfortunate, but obviously necessary that our separation will continue until early May, or longer.


    I am hoping that you all have had a chance to see the “Question of the Week” student journal responses which I have been copying and pasting into this google spreadsheet.


    The student responses are so sweet, creative and positive— they all made me feel connected to them and very happy to be their teacher😊.


    I am keenly aware that the daunting task of homeschooling your child, long term, has suddenly been thrust upon you all. With that in mind, here are a few links for some stress relief for parents, which we all need in abundance right now:


    This is a good New York Times article entitled “Love and Structure will Carry us Through” from their parenting section



    You might also need to read this article…



    Last, you might like this YouTube link for “Medit-ocean” from the Monterey Bay Aquarium (my goto for meditation, lately) 



    Also, here is another great source for ebooks:



    Other work for the week

    As always, teachers will continue to add valuable learning resources to our webpage and ClassLink (with the help of Mrs. Peterson) as we find them.


    Going forward please have your child study and take the spelling test for week 24 if you haven’t done so already. Next week, please have your child study the list for week 25 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday on a page in their journals.


    Remember to keep practicing handwriting, writing in journals and practicing math skills on ST math and XtraMath.


    Stay healthy and strong, everyone!


    Sending even more hugs and lots of love to all of my students❣️❣️❣️

    Mrs. O’Bryan


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  • Parent School Closure Update - March 20, 2020

    Posted by Erin O'Bryan on 3/20/2020

    Hi Parents!


    Thank you all for being so prompt in retrieving your child’s work from Bobcat Hall on Tuesday: Mr. Peterson even texted me a picture of the empty table with the words “4th place! You won the rest of the day off!”

    ...to which I replied “I love my parents!”

    This is true and I miss your students more than you could possibly imagine.


    With that in mind please know that we teachers will continue to add valuable learning resources to our webpage and ClassLink (with the help of Mrs. Peterson) as we find them. 


    A few of you had mentioned that you were having difficulty getting your child to use ST Math on an Apple product. I hope Kris Carlson (our IT specialist) was able to resolve your issues. Please email me with any technology issues you might be having so I can create a trouble ticket for Kris.


    Going forward please have your child study and take the spelling test for week 23 if you haven’t done so already. Next week, please have your child study the list for week 24 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday on a page in their journals.


    Remember to keep practicing handwriting, writing in journals and practicing math skills on ST math and XtraMath.


    Also, there are plenty of sources out there for e-books:


    This one is the direct link to Monterey County Free Libraries (this is already a link on




    Here is a really good website where you can search for free e-stories by reading level and grade:



    This is a list of the 16 best websites for children’s ebooks:



    I don’t yet know if this is even possible, but I hope to eventually get some sort of video chat going for room 20 students—it would be great for the children to see each other, somehow, if only on a screen.


    Last, here is a parent link to GoNoodle Good Energy which is full of fun activities devoted to having fun by getting moving:



    I hope you all are staying healthy and adjusting as well as can be expected under these stressful circumstances.


    At times like these, it’s great to be part of this loving, caring community.


    Sending lots of love to all of my students❣️❣️❣️

    Mrs. O’Bryan

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