• 3/27 The Easter Bunny's Assistant by Jan Thomas

    The Easter Bunny's Assistant Read Alouds
    Here is youtube version of the book. I also have a working microphone on my computer, so I filmed myself reading (embarrassing!)

    Youtube Version 

    Writing Ideas
    All About Skunks
    We were working on "All About" books before school was closed. Writer's Workshop is probably Room 8's favorite classroom activity. So with that in mind, I thought the kiddos might like an idea to make their own book. This of course, is optional, but a super fun idea to keep them busy! 
    All About Skunks
    How to Decorate Easter Eggs
    This would be a fun how-to. Simply have your kiddos write about the steps involved in decorating Easter eggs. They can use transition words: first, next, then, after that, last, etc.
    Write Your Own
    Some kiddos love to copy books that we've read. They can make their own copy of the Easter Bunny's Assistant to read to the family!
    Epic! Books for Kids
    Epic is a great resource for kids (Mrs. Strawser's recommendation!). I've emailed login directions for your student. This resource is not on classlink! You can use your laptop or a device and it's free! I found a few great books about skunks and I assigned them to the kiddos. When logged in they should be able to find them easily!
    Accelerated Reader
    Your kiddos can login to AR and take a comprehension quiz about this story.
Last Modified on March 27, 2020