School Closure

  • Hello Bobcat Families, I hope you all are staying healthy and enjoying the time you are spending with your family. I was thinking of a fun way to stay connected and ensure that you are all being active during this time away from school. This is what I came up with:

    First thing to do is print off the "Exercise Log" and watch the instruction video below. I will then be posting a new video to Youtube every day in the month of April. There will be a secret word in each video that you will put on the "Exercise Log." The secret word will show me that you did the activity for that day. Hold onto that Exercise Log, and try to collect all of the secret words! 

    Each of the videos will be pretty short, so think of them as brain breaks when doing your packets. Try to do one of the Indoor or Outdoor PE options below in addition to the videos everyday. Staying active will help with cognitive retietion, which means that you will remember all of the information that your teachers are giving you in those packets. 

    I miss you all and I hope that I get to see you again before Summer!

    Exercise Log


    Introudction / Directions: 

    April 1st: 

    April 2nd:

    Part 1: 

    Part 2: 

     April 3rd: 

    April 4th:

    April 5th: Uno Fitness

    Instead of a video, I found this fun game you can play at home! Secret Word is: "Uno!"

    April 6th:

    April 7th:

    April 8th:

    Mr. Glazier with our very own Leo and former student Lilia! Secret Word: Glazier

    April 9th:

    Alphabet Graph:

    Secret Word is in the Youtube description 

     April 10th:

    Watch Stephen Curry show you how to shoot a basketball, and then try it yourself!

    Secret Word: Curry!

    April 11th-April 19th Spring Break

    I'm unable to give you activties for this week since we are on enjoy the break and be active all week! The next video will be on April 20th!

    April 20th Welcome Back!

    Try this cool challenge out at home!

    Secret Word: Circuit 

    April 21st 

    April 22nd  

    April 23rd: Plank Goalie!

    Secret Word: Plank Goalie

    April 24th:

    Secret Word: Superbowl!

    April 25th:

     Secret Word: Friendship & Kindness 

    April 26th: Volley Challenge 

    Secret Word: Sock Ball

    April 27th: Board Game

    Secret Word: Monopoly-ish

    April 28th: Fitness Fortune Teller

    Secret Word: Crystal Ball 

    Note: Sorry for the lack of videos this week, my internet has been crazy slow and it has taken 20+ hours to upload videos to Youtube

    April 29th:10 For 10

    Secret Word: Trash Ball

    April 30th:

    Secret Word: Last One!

  • I have attached some options for you to choose to do at your leisure. I tried to create things that you could do inside or with a parent outside. Priorties are of course to stay healthy, have fun, and stay on top of your core classes (Math, English, etc.). The goal is to be active for 60 minutes a day, but you get to decide what you want to do! 

    Indoor PE Options

    Outdoor PE Options

    Jump Rope Challenge


Last Modified on May 1, 2020