• Reading Intervention Update 



    Good morning parents,

    This morning I really wanted to encourage you to click on one of the links below which will take you directly to a Virtual Lesson from Reading Horizons. I have been so impressed with what these have to offer students. 

    The best way to get the most learning from these is to first watch the Virtual Lesson, then have your student go back and do the online lesson about the same content. The student packets that are available can be used as additional work, reinforcement, or just a change of pace.

    Here are a few Virtual Lessons to preview:

    (Kinder) Letter M and  CVC Blending


    (1st grade) R Blends Part 2


    (2nd grade) The Many Jobs of Y Part 1


    (2nd grade) Multisyllabic Words Part 2


    After seeing what these have to offer I’m sure you will see that they are full of fantastic information for your child. You can access all the videos and student packets below:



    First Grade:


    Second Grade:


    I hope you enjoy watching these with your child. As always, let me know if you need anything from me. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Best, Mrs. Weist

    Reading Intervention Update 


    Hello Parents and welcome back from Spring Break!

    Well, it wasn’t our typical Spring Break, but it was a bit of time off nonetheless. Now we are all rested and ready to hit the ground running! Right?

    Anyway, over break Reading Horizons was busy making student packets of work that correspond to the lessons students are currently at online and they have also linked them to their live virtual lessons so that everything is in one place. Can I get an amen to that? 

    Follow this link:


    Click on Virtual Lessons & Student Packets View Lessons. Once in there, click on Student Packets. The grades will be listed, so scroll down and find your child’s grade and all the information will be there. If your child is in 2nd grade and wants some earlier virtual lessons, click on the 1st-grade link. They have more listed there.

    Really give the virtual lessons a try. They are great! You should start the virtual lessons in the same place that your child is at on the computer program. My suggestion is for your child to watch the virtual lesson first, with you next to them, so that they learn how to navigate and participate in this new format. You may need to help them with the first couple of virtual lessons, but then they can watch and participate independently with just a watchful eye on your part. After the virtual lesson is completed, then they can do the same lesson on the computer. Your child will be much more independent this way and the material will more likely stick this way as well.

    As always, let me know how I can help. My instructional assistants Mrs. Fisher (afisher@carmelunified.org) and Mrs. Milling (bmilling@carmelunified.orgare available for Zoom meetings, phone calls, or emails as well. Feel free to reach out to them too.

    Until next Friday,

    Mrs. Weist

    Reading Intervention Update

    Good morning families!

    Now that we have our plan in place for the rest of the year, I want to shift my message this week a bit. I want to focus more on helping you as parents learn more about teaching reading, so that you, in turn, can grow the reading brain of your child. 

    Reading Horizons has created videos that explain their program and their special marking system. The videos are brief, most lasting less than a minute to watch, but they will give you a great overview of the entire program!

    You can find the videos here:


    I highly encourage you to take the small amount of time it takes to watch these videos. 

    They are well worth it. 

    Enjoy! Have a great Spring Break next week!



    Reading Intervention Update- Year End Plan  


    Dear Families,

    I hope this finds you in good spirits despite the news that school will be out for the rest of the year. It is hard to believe that two weeks, which in itself was hard to accept, turned into this. I just keep remembering it is to keep us all safe and we will all come out of this stronger in the end.

    With that being said, I need to think about how I can support you at home with the work that needs to be done with your children. It’s a tough balance between giving too much work, too little and just the right amount. I will give it my best shot and we can adjust as needed as time goes on. I also do not have access to the school over the next two months so what will be provided will be online lessons, videos, articles, links, etc. I will try not to overwhelm you, but to give you enough work and information that will move your child forward. I also know that you have additional work coming from your child’s primary teacher and that needs to be taken into consideration as well. Just keep in mind that we are all, teachers and parents included, doing the best we can and that has to be enough right now. I try to remind myself of this daily and I know that you probably are trying to do the same.

    We have eight more weeks of school left. Here is our basic plan from here on out:

    1. Each week I will email you a letter on Friday and my instructional assistants, Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Milling will email you weekly as well just to check in and give you additional ideas. Please feel free to contact any of us for any reason. The kids can write to us as well! We are here for you! These are our emails:

    Mrs. Weist: cweist@carmelunified.org

    Mrs. Fisher: afisher@carmelunifed.org

    Mrs. Milling: bmilling@carmelunified.org

    1. Our main activity for reading will be using Reading Horizons Discovery online. Most of you are logging on daily and are making good progress. I check in on my end to see how well things are going and if there are any problems. There are still a few of you who have not logged in yet. Please try to get your child on as soon as you can and get them into the routine. The great thing about this program is it teaches and entertains your child for a given amount of time. I know that is music to everyone’s ears right now!

    1. In addition to Reading Horizons Discovery, there are online lessons taught by real teachers and presented on Zoom for all different levels of the program two times a week. The lessons last about 30 minutes. It will remind the students of being back in school. They will begin with a warm-up, teach new material, practice together, have dictation practice, and close with a transfer activity. The lessons are excellent. You can access them here.


    Once you get to this page it’s a little confusing. To access past recorded lessons click on: Resources: Virtual Lessons: View Lessons

    First grade should start at Chapter 2 

    Second grade should start at Chapter 3 for review. Chapter 4 will be new information and really important as students progress forward.

    Be sure to open the linked activities below each video as well. These are worksheets, games or wordlists that go along with the focus lesson.

    Each week, New Live Lessons are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays for each level at different times. The schedule is listed on this page.

    1. Reading Horizons is also going to be releasing review packets in the next week or so that will need to be printed for students to complete. Once they are released, I will send those out to you on Fridays with my check-in letter.

    1. Continue to learn the High-Frequency Words, working through the packet and learning them with automaticity.

    I know this is a lot all at once, but sometimes it is nice to know what lies ahead. Always know that I am just one email away and I am here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out. As they say, we are all in this together. Please send my love to your children. I miss them so much!!

    All my best, 

    Mrs. Weist

    March 27, 2020 Update
    Reading Intervention Second Grade                                                  

    Happy Friday Everyone!!

    I hope you are all doing well and are falling into a good routine. I miss getting up and coming to school, but I am slowly getting used to my new life at home. I hope that you are too!

    Reading Horizons is getting many hits!  Lots of your kids are logging on every day, getting tons of review and practice with letter sounds, sounding out words and reading stories. Keep up that routine. It will become second nature in no time!

    A few students have not logged onto Reading Horizons and haven’t begun learning online. If your child hasn’t started, I highly encourage them to do so. Please follow the directions below to log on.  Once your child is logged on, the program is very easy to follow.

    To access Reading Horizons, go to Classlink as the directions that came home with your bag explained, and you will see an icon that is called Reading Horizons Discovery (Not Elevate.) Click on it and the username will be your child’s first initial and last name. For example, I would be cweist. If you have two last names, it would use both last names with the first initial of their first name. (If you don’t know how to get to Classlink, email me)

    I hope that you are continuing to practice the high-frequency words as well.  Doing a little bit each day is much more effective than doing a lot on one day. Often I tell my students it’s like brushing your teeth. You need to brush your teeth every day, not wait until Saturday and then do it for two hours. Your teeth would rot out of your head that way. The two hours on the weekend cannot make up for the small amount of time you need to take each day to be effective. When you think of it in this way, the value of daily practice becomes clear.

    That’s all for this week.  I will update you again next Friday.

    As usual, if you have any questions, please email me at cweist@carmelunified.org and I will get right back to you.

    Take care and tell your child I miss them!!

    Mrs. Weist

    March 20, 2020 Update

    Reading Intervention  2nd Grade

    Happy Friday and hello Springtime!

    I hope you are all doing well at home with your children, and getting used to teaching!  

    Many of you have logged on and started using the Reading Horizons Reading Program.  If you haven’t yet, please do! Reading Horizons will be the main activity that we will use while school is closed. Be sure that your child logs on three to five times a week for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Of course the more the better.  Open game time and the store in the program will be open Friday through Sunday to encourage weekend use. The link below is an overview of the Reading Horizons Program and the unique marking system that it uses. It is nice to have it in one place and to be able to reference it if your child asks.


    In addition to the online learning, your child should be working on reading and spelling the booklet of sight words that came home Monday.  I am linking some great animation teaching videos and student practice activities that will absolutely help make this task so much easier. I highly encourage you to check them out below.


    That’s all for this week.  I will update you again next Friday.

    As usual, if you have any questions, please email me at cweist@carmelunified.org and I will get right back to you.

    Take care and say hi to your child for me!

    Mrs. Weist

    March 13, 2020
    ​Dear Parents,
    We are so fortunate to have access to the Reading Horizons Online Learning Platform.  Reading Horizons Discovery® is a fully instructional software program. It is explicit, systematic, and sequential. The lessons are cumulative, meaning they build on one another. 
    I have registered your child to do a bit of review and then continue on from where we left off in class. I recommend that your child works on this program 20-30 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week.  Of course, the more the better. If your child wants to work on it every day, they absolutely can.  There are games in the program to reinforce the skills that are being learned, but the games are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. 
    This is how to log on:
    1. Follow the directions that came home in your homework bag to get to Classlink on our Tularcitos Website.
    2. Once on Classlink, look for the app called Reading Horizons Discovery. Be careful not to go to Reading Horizons Elevate. That's for older students!
    3. Your child's user id is the first letter of their first name and their entire last name with no space in between.  For example, cweist would be my user id.
    4. This will get you in.
    If you have any trouble logging on, please email me and I will help you!
    Best to everyone!