Home Study

  • Dear Parents,

    Thank you for supporting your child’s education at home.

    The following are suggestions and ideas that will help reinforce sight word recognition skills, reading strategies, and math concepts. These learning goals will help build your child’s confidence and help maintain skills learned thus far.  

    We hope you have fun and enjoy it!

    • READ, READ, READ and then READ some more!!

    Don’t forget to visit your local library so students can choose high interest books to read independently. Read books to them and ask them to retell the story, or talk about the characters or setting. For example, “How would it change if… What would YOU do… How would you change the ending… what if the character was…)

    Ask them to read books of their choice and words you see in the environment (signs, newspapers, menus, products, etc.)

    See the Libby App, on our site to get E-books.


    Ask your child to write about all the different activities and events throughout the week. It may be a list, a calendar, a story, or their journal. Help them remember to “guess and go” using the sounds that they “hear and feel” while saying the word they are planning to write. Be sure they use the Top 100 list to spell those correctly. Spaces between words and punctuation are also important. Practice writing letters in your First Grade Handwriting Book- Don’t rush = 1 page/day.


    See the attached list and use journals to practice writing. Make flashcards of words they haven’t mastered yet, or are still sounding out, Make two sets of cards to play memory, play word bingo, or post words around the house and play “find the word.”

    • MATH

    Learn those math facts! (+/-) first to 12 and then to 20. These are several fun ways to practice online or with matching games or card games. (see list of games of attached).

    Create oral number stories (+/-) and record the picture and number sentence.

    Count forwards and backwards  to 120 (by tens, fives and twos for a challenge!)

    Practice describing objects in detail using number of sides, corners, shape words etc.: play it as a guessing game “I spy…”

    Make graphs (bar graphs, venn diagrams, tally marks). For example, tally how many sunny days this month, or how many days it took to read a book… and have your child use their journal to record their information!

    Thank you for your help in keeping your child’s learning fresh!

    First Grade Team

Last Modified on March 13, 2020