We speak Spanish here

Extra Learning Activities

  • Duolingo is a great way to keep practicing Spanish on your own.  I set up a school account.  Free for my students.  Activities include bite-sized lessons and tips about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  Click  Duolingo and enter this password  DJFMYX  to register.  Start with the introduction.  After that, choose from any of the assignments available to you.  Here are more detailed directions if you need them. Duolingo Sign Up Directions. (1st-5th grades)

    Great news for everyone with kids home from school! @rosettastone is here to help with 3 months of free language learning for students globally. Learn more & sign up at Free Rosetta Stone. These are "fun lessons that encourage kids to use deductive reasoning so they remember more, stay engaged and make progress quickly. Adaptive recall feature that guides learners to repeat activities that need improvement". When you register, sign up for español (Latin American Spanish). (1st-5th grades-younger learners may need help with some of the reading)

    Babbel is free for 3 months!  The activities are designed to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  Just sign up as a student and you can practice Spanish at home.  Click Babble for Free  to sign up. (4th-5th grades)

    Basho and Friends have a collection of Spanish videos that help students learn Spanish with singing and movement.  Right now Basho has 3 months of free access.  Ask your parent or guardian for permission to sign up.   Basho Spanish Videos (1st-3rd grades)

    *Get Your Sillies Out Songs and Movement website is a fun way to get students engaged and moving while learning Spanish.  (Most of these videos are on YouTube so school devices and accounts won't be able to access). (1st-5th grades)


     *Rockalingua is a resource with songs, games & videos to teach Spanish (2nd-5th grades) 

    1.  Click on the link below

    2.  log in with :

          username:  Maestra Griffin

          Password:  River School

    3.  Click on blue menu box in upper right corner

    4.  Choose an activity and have fun!

    5.  LOG OUT when you're finished.  Don't forget, amigos.


     *Super simple español has a collection of Spanish you tube videos that are perfect for practicing Spanish. YouTube videos are not accessible from school devices or accounts.  (K-2nd grades)


     *Salsa is a series of 15 minute videos that blend puppetry, live action, animation and music to teach Spanish Language and Culture (3rd-5th grades)