• Leave Information

    The Human Resources Department strives to provide helpful and accurate information when it comes to all employee leaves. In order to provide the best care and because each leave has different circumstances, we ask that employees schedule an appointment with the HR Department (see respective contact below) for more information on any leave type and options available. You may also review your contract (ACT & CSEA) for more information.

    Certificated/Permitted Employees:

    Kristen Quilty, Human Resources Specialist

    831-624-1546 X2017


    Classified Employees:

    Geri Simmons, Confidential Administrative Assistant

    831-624-1546 X2016



    Various Leave Types:

    Maternity / Parental Leave (FMLA / PDL)
    Baby Bonding (CFRA) 
    Regular Leave (FMLA / CFRA)
    Catastrophic Leave Program
    Personal Necessity
    39th Month Rehire List
    Emergency Medical Leave (3 days)
    Sick Leave
    Vacation Leave

Last Modified on March 13, 2020