• Island of the Blue Dophin

    Below is the information and website for the 4th grade Island of the Blue Dolphin canoe project.

    Native American Canoes

    Chumash Tomols or Plank Canoes


    Village Outpost Prices

    Each item below is one popsicle stick:

    Aluminum Foil 

    Paper bag

    Paper towel roll

    Toilet paper roll

    Scotch Tape (one foot)


    The following item is two popsicle sticks:

    paper cup



    Use of scissors

    One foot of masking tape



    Summary of project:


    1.  Answer the questions about Island of the Blue Dolphin and canoes to earn "money" (popsicle sticks).
    2. Based on the money you earn, decide what supplies you want to buy to build your canoe.  
    3. Design you canoe using the supplies  you will purchase. Design if done first on paper.
    4. Build your canoe.  Predict how many supplies (marbles) it will hold.
    5. Test your design.  We will see how slow or fast the canoes sink.
    6. Reflect on you success….or failure.  How can you improve next time?