• Carmel High School has partnered with Monterey Peninsula Colleg to offer dual enrollment courses. Here are some frequently asked questions:

    1. How many units do I receive?  For each semester, you will receive 10 units on CHS transcript and 3 units on MPC transcript.

    2. What are the MPC courses?  They PHED 41 (fall semester) and PHED 45 (spring semester)

    3. Are the classes transferable to UC and CSU? PHED 41 is UC and CSU transferable.  PHED 45 is CSU transferable. To be transferable to a UC and CSU, the grade needs to be a ‘C-’ or above.

    4. What are some other benefits to taking this course?   Students who take Dual Enrolled courses in high school are more likely to complete an associate's degree and bachelor's degree, and in less time.  

    5. What week does class start and end?  It starts when CHS starts and ends when CHS ends.

    6. Where is the class held?  At Carmel High School.

    7. Can my parents contact the professor?  No, due to you being enrolled as a college student, you are the only one who is able to contact the professor.  If you or your parent has a concern, question, you (student) need to talk to the teacher directly. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, student information, excluding that designated as Directory Information, cannot be released to a third party without the written permission of the student.   If you have questions, please contact assistant principal Craig Tuana (also, in back to school night teachers shared that parents can contact teacher but they can only talk about non-specific student questions. i.e. how an assignment is graded, general questions)

    8. What about seeing my grade?  Only students have access to their grade, which will be on the MPC equivalent of CHS Aeries.

    9. How do I get my final grades on CHS transcript?  After the final semester grades come out from MPC.  As part of the agreement with MPC and CUSD, at quarter and semester, grades will be shared with our registrar to put on quarter grade and then transcript at each semester.

    10. How do grades from MPC effect extra-curricular or co-curricular eligibility?  They are part of eligibility.  Due to the agreement between Carmel Unified School District and MPC, Carmel High School will be made aware of your grades at quarter and semester.  

    11. Are there any drawbacks to taking dual enrollment U.S. History?  If a student fails one of these classes, it can negatively affect their high school and college transcripts, since it is part of their permanent college transcript.  This could impact financial aid and admission to other post-secondary institutions.

    12. What if I want to drop the class?  As per policy at CHS, if you wish drop the class and switch to another U.S. History class (graduation requirement), you need to make the switch by Tuesday, August 28.  Remember, switching may be limited due to other classes enrollment.

    13. What is the cost?  The enrollment/tuition is free for high school students.  There is no cost.

    14. Who is my counselor at MPC? Jacqueline Stratton.  Her email is jstratton@mpc.edu.

    15. How do I get accommodations if I have an IEP or 504?  Please contact the Access Resource Center (ARC) at MPC.  Since it is a college level course, you need to work with ARC and they will approve accommodations that will then be shared with dual enrollment teacher.  As always, the student needs to let the teacher know that they want to use an accommodation. Phone number: (831) 646-4070.  Email: arcinfo@mpc.edu.  Website:  www.mpc.edu/arc

    16. Who helps with registering me for MPC and the class?  The first couple weeks of school, the dual enrollment coordinator from MPC, Chris Rendon (crendon@mpc.edu) will be coming to walk you through the process.  There will be paperwork brought home for parent/guardian to sign.

    17. Can I see the course outline for PHED 41 and PHED 45?  Click for PHED 41 course sections and outline.  Click for PHED 45.  To see outline, please click on course outline button at top.

    18. Do I need to buy textbooks?  No, they will be provided by Carmel High School.