Philosophy Statement - Internet Access *


    We recognize the vast educational resource that technology and Internet access offers to our students. We also recognize that district technology is to be used primarily for educational purposes, but may sometimes be used appropriately for personal interests and social interaction. At the same time, student safety and responsible use of technology are important to the district and the school community.

    In compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act, district technology is equipped with a mechanism intended to filter content that is considered harmful to minors. Such filters are graduated to correlate to a student's grade level, so that the filter settings are tighter for younger students and become less strict as students mature, with high school students having the most freedom. Teachers may have the authority to unblock sites temporarily as needed for educational purposes. The district also monitors its technology and networks to identify any potential misuse.

    Given the complexity of the Internet, there will be instances where a student may accidentally or intentionally access inappropriate content. The district views these instances as an opportunity to educate children on how to navigate the complexities of the Internet and reiterate appropriate use of the Internet in a school and work setting. A student may be subject to discipline and/or a referral to law enforcement.

    The district provides information and training to parents and teachers to support them in guiding the students on the use of district technology, including formal lessons and rules around appropriate use. The district, parents, and the school community are encouraged to promote responsible use of technology by minors and encourage positive digital citizenship for our youth.

    Any incidents of intentional access to inappropriate content, cyber-bullying, cyber threats, or any misconduct related to student use of district technology may be reported anonymously at or 1-800-78-CRIME.

    *From C.U.S.D. Educational Technology Plan 2017-2020