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    Our School Counseling Program offers emotional and academic support to all of our students in a variety of ways.

    The program includes collaboration and consultation with teachers, staff, and parents, classroom guidance lessons, lunchtime clubs, small groups, and individual counseling.  

    The small group counseling program can help reinforce skills and learning without the intimidation of a large group setting.

    We emphasize that groups are for everyone and participating does not indicate a problem.

    We believe that students can learn from one another and enhance their health and welfare in a supportive group setting.

    We like to give all students this unique opportunity and may invite your child to join us for one or more sessions.

    Groups meet throughout the school day, depending on the grade level, they typically during lunch, recess, or immediately after lunch.

    Group and individual counseling services are voluntary.

    All of the Small Groups are titled the same: "STAR" Groups

    Each group will have a different focus, based on the groups needs.

    If you have more than one student to refer, please complete this form for each student.

    Small Groups will begin after Parent/Teacher Conferences and will meet for 8 sessions.
    Groups will be formed based on need and grade level.

    Teachers: Please inform the parents that you have referred their child before the end of conference week.
    -I have a list of students whose parents have chosen to not have their child participate in Small Group Counseling.
    -If you have student in your classroom on this list, I will notify you.

    Parents: Please inform your student of the referral
    Once students are referred, I will meet with the students, inform them of the group topics/goals, and follow up with their parents.

Last Modified on October 4, 2018