CHS Sober Grad Night


  • Sober Grad planning has officially been kicked off! Now we need your input and help! Please consider being involved in this life saving event that keeps our young adults safe on graduation night. It is also a great way to share their last send off with them. 
    The next Sober Grad meeting is January 17th @ 5:30 in the library and I am encouraging all senior & junior parents to be a part of this event!  Please, we need full participation from parents to make this safe night happen for our seniors.  
    Participation is critically important, from all parents. 
    Here are the ways we could use your help:
    1) We need a Junior Parent that will co-chair with me. This will help you get ready for the needs of next year, and also provide a great service to the senior parents this year. 
    2) MINUTE PARTIES - These are being chaired by Alondra Valdez-Klemek. Her email is and her cell is 831-277-1294. Please contact her if you are interested in hosting a party, donating gift items, or just helping prep. 
    Keep in mind, the purpose of the minute parties are to prepare kids and get them excited for the Night of Sober Grad. Please include these things in your theme. 
    3) Volunteer in other positions, such as , fundraising (Grant writing, Parent letters,etc) - not that you have to do all of the fundraising items, but overseeing the folks that are fundraising - Venue / Decorations / etc. We need people to help in all areas. 
    Thank You,
    The Sober Grad Night 2019 Committee


Last Modified on January 8, 2019