• Dear Families:


    Welcome to Room 49!  These remaining hours of summer are often filled with excitement, questions, a little nervous energy and last minute details.  I would like to share a few informational items that will help kick off our year with great success!

    A number of you have had me as a teacher for an older sibling, and I could not be more thrilled to welcome you back!  For those of you I do not know, I am looking forward to meeting you and can safely promise that we are going to have an amazing year together. 

    A few things everyone will need to know before Tuesday. I am now in Room 49.  If Mrs. Ogata was your child's teacher last year, this is the same space.  However, the room will look completely different.  I challenge you to find anything purple in the room!  The biggest change is that your child will experience flexible seating options this year.  This means that they will not have an individual desk they will return to every day.  On Tuesday morning we will begin our day at traditional tables and desks with chairs and stools.  Throughout the day and week, I will introduce standing desks, cushions and a floor table, gaming chairs and other options.  Your child will begin to develop their own preferences of what space allows them to produce their best work.  They will still have a place in the classroom for their own belongings.  They do not need to bring any supplies on Tuesday other than a backpack and a snack and lunch.  I will provide everything else!

    Another difference you will experience this year is how we celebrate classroom birthdays.  I bring this up now because we have five (YES 5!) August birthdays this year.  I have developed a wonderful birthday celebration in class.  This celebration, however, DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD.  Again please do NOT send food treats for your child's birthday.  Beyond the celebration we will have in class, if you really want to bring something in to share for your child's birthday, I request that you donate a book or game for our classroom library that can be enjoyed for many years. If your child has an August birthday. I will connect with you in person next week.

    Please tell all your 4th graders that I am excited and nervous too.  I hope to see all of you on the first day of school! On Tuesday evening please watch for a parent questionnaire which will allow you to share any specifics about your child you think I should know.

    Finally, please mark your calendars for Back to School Night on Thursday, August 23 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. I will go over these items in more detail and much more.  


    Laura Southerland



Last Modified on August 12, 2018