The Problem

    You are a toy designer hoping to launch the next great toy that will be popular for years to come.  What direction should you take in the design of this toy, and why will children be drawn to it?


    Week 1: Research 

    1. Read and review stimulus items #1-3.  
    2. Complete the thought-gathering sheet.
    3. Sketch and color a detailed design for your new toy and what details it will include.


    Student Resources


    Week 2: Designing a New Toy 


    1. Create a marketing advertisement (in color) to sell your new toy.  This can be done by hand, or on the computer with any tool you choose.  Don’t forget to add the price! You may want to look up a few ads on the computer, newspaper, magazine, or while watching TV.  This will help get your creative juices flowing.  
    2. Type a paragraph or two about your toy.  You must include the following:  
    • a detailed description of your toy and how it works
    • a name for your toy
    • the appropriate age range for your toy and the reason
    • price
    • why your toy is going to be the BEST for 2019


    Weeks 3-4: Create a Prototype or Model of a New Toy


    Create a physical model of your toy for us to play with! Due date is listed on rubrics and requirements forms.


    Have fun, be creative, and let's get inventing!