Welcome to the Nutrition Services Department

  • Our Mission:

    Provide the most nutritious meals for as many students as possible during school days.


  • Any student requiring meal accommodation for food allergies or other special dietary needs will need to complete a Medical Statement. Form CNP - 925    Please send completed forms via email to Alexis Supancic at asupancic@carmelunified.org

    Cualquier estudiante que requiera adaptacion especial para comidas por alergias alimentarias u otras necesidades dietéticas deberá completar una Declaración médica. Formulario CNP - 925    Envíe los formularios completos por correo electrónico a Alexis Supancic a asupancic@carmelunified.org


  • Alexis Supancic
    Nutrition Services Director
    Ph: (831)-624-1821 Ext.2070

    Carmen Carrera
    Account Clerk II
    Ph: (831)624-1821 Ext.2072

    CHS Kitchen
    Ph: (831)624-1821 Ext.2071

    CMS Kitchen
    Ph: (831)624-2785 Ext.3683