• Room Parent Responsibilities regarding Fall Festival

    • Pick a booth activity for your class. Talk with your teacher to see if he/she has a booth that is historically done in their class (ex. kindergarten classes usually work together to do the Magic Oven booth). Some booth activities may be combined with other classes to create one big booth rather than individual small booths. For example, combining tattoos and face painting can create a “Body Art” booth. Talk to the Fall Festival committee for booth suggestions. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR BOOTH WITH THE FALL FESTIVAL COMMITTEE BEFORE ANY FURTHER PLANNING! The committee must ensure the quality and requirements of each booth and confirm that no other class is doing the same booth.
    • Set up a sign-up sheet for your class parents to gather help for your booth. Sign-Up Genius or Google Docs work great. You will need 2 people to help at each shift. You can arrange your sign-up however is best for your class. A typical sign-up for Fall Festival includes the following:
    1. Banner Maker (someone to create the booth banner). This can be just one person. Some banners can be reused from previous years, so check with the Fall Festival committee to see what signs are available. Banner fabric is supplied. You can decorate your banner in any way you like. Paint, additional fabric, ribbons, and other embellishments are encouraged.
    2. Volunteers to gather supplies. Don’t be afraid to ask parents to volunteer to bring supplies. For example, if your booth is the Otter Pop Walk, ask volunteers to bring the Otter Pops.
    3. Booth Shift volunteers. These are very important, and the most difficult to get. You will need 2 volunteers per shift. Most classes opt for 30-minutes shifts. If you are having difficulty gathering booth shift volunteers, let the Fall Festival know as soon as possible so they can help you.
    4. Set-Up. This can be done anytime after 11:00 on Friday day of the event, but no later than 2:00. Set-up usually takes about 30 minutes, but longer if your booth is involved.
    5. Clean-up. Festival ends at 5:30. Each class is responsible for breaking down their booth. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to clean up a booth.
    • Decide what (if anything) your booth needs for prizes. We are trying to lessen unnecessary “stuff”, so please try to get creative. Talk with the Fall Festival committee about your choice and the associated cost. The cost for prizes per booth is usually $15-$30 (think small erasers, stickers, etc.), and you will need about 250 prizes per booth. We are encouraging activity booths rather than prize booth (face painting, pumpkin decorating, jewelry making, etc.), so we lessen the prizes. Candy and sweets are also discouraged as prizes. There are some funds available to cover prizes, but must be approved by the Fall Festival committee prior to purchase or reimbursement.
    • Print out a copy of your sign-up sheet to post at your booth the day of the festival. Parents always forget their time slot (and if someone forgets, you’ll have the list of who to look for).
    • HAVE FUN! The hardest part is gathering volunteers, so get your sign-ups out early to give your class parents time to prepare. But otherwise, just know this is a wonderful River School tradition, and always a family favorite. Embrace the three hours of festival madness, and just have fun!