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    January 24, 2020

    Day 96 of Kindergarten

    Michele Neuhaus


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    100th Day of School!

    Jaunary 30


    This is a very fun day for the children. We are all invited to dress up as 100-year old folks, kids and teachers! We have special activities planned all day! This is voluntary. Children can dress up if they want to.


    Your child is also invited to make a collection of 100 items. I will send more details next week regarding this. The purpose of this is for your child to practice counting 100 items (by 1’a, 5’s 10’s…) Start looking around the house for something you have 100 of (beans, pennies, legos…).

    Dates to Remember

    1/27- PE

    1/28- Computer

    1/29- Library

    1/30-Music, 100th day

    1/31-Science, PE, sharing (numbers)


    1/30 100th day of school!


    2/6 walking trip to Jerome’s Market and Post Office. We will go, rain or shine!


    2/14 Valentine’s Day, Assembly, wear red

    Our class party will be before lunch. We will pass out cards and then enjoy opening them. Parents are welcome to come watch the fun!


    Aquarium Passes

    I mistakenly mixed up several passes when checking in at the aquarium. If you let me use yours, please check the number. The missing passes (2) are number 522025. Please return them for an exchange! Thanks


    Post Office Homework!

    Be on the lookout for homework for our post office trip. I will be sending home an empty envelope. Your job is to put a love note inside, seal it and address it to your child. We will take these to the post office where the children will stamp it and put it in the mail. Then your child will get your love note a few days later!





    Valentine’s Day

    I will send a class list home for your child to use for Valentine cards. I would like each child to address the cards to classmates. When we pass them out we practice reading each other’s names.  


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