•   2017-2018 CALENDAR 

      (Some dates may be subject to change)
    Aug 3 – 4pm                           New Parent Orientation

    Aug 5 – 9am                           Kinder Playdate

    August 8 – 8:25am                First Day of School/PTA Coffee

    August 15                                All Students Welcome Back Picnic

    August 16, 6pm                      Back to School Night

    August 16–September 1      TUF Campaign

    August 17                                Reading Rewards Party/New Student Breakfast

    August 25, 5pm                      Welcome Back Dinner Hosted by River Dad's         

    August   TBA                            Picture Day

    September 8, 6:30pm            Movie Night hosted by River Dad's

    September 20, 8:45am         PTA Meeting

    September 27, 6 pm              New River Parents Party

    September 29 4pm                River Dad’s Camp Out – lower playground

    October 6                                 eBuzz Book (parent directory) attached in Jay's Friday email
    October 3, 6:30pm                 Musical: 2nd grade

    October 9-13                           Fall Break

    October 27                              Fall Festival (2pm Kinder/3pm 1st-5th grades) no costumes please

    November 3, 6:00pm            PTA Meeting/Movie Night hosted by River Dad's

    November 9, 6:30pm             Musical: 5th Grade

    November 15-21                     Teacher/Parent Conferences

    Early December                       Book Fair

    December 5, 6:30pm              Musical: Kinder

    December 19                            River Winter Music Concert

    December 25- Jan 5                Winter Break

    January 24th, 8:45am             PTA Meeting

    January                                      Spelling Bee Begins

    Febuary 2, 6-8pm                    BINGO

    February 9, 6-8pm                  Father-Daughter Family Dance

    February 13, 6:30pm              Musical: 3rd Grade

    February 19-23                        February Break

    March 8, 7pm                          District Choral Music Festival

    March 16, 6-8pm                    Mother-Son Family Carnival

    March 12-16                            Read-A-Thon

    March 12-16                            Teacher/Parent Conferences

    March 22, 6:30pm                  Musical: 4th grade

    March 27, 7pm                        District Band Concert

    March 28, 8:45am                  PTA Meeting

    March 28-30                            Talent Show

    April 4, 7pm                             District Orchestra Concert

    April 5, 8am                             Volunteer Breakfast

    April 9 – 13                              Spring Break

    April 18, 8:45am                    PTA Meeting

    April 24, 6:30pm                     Musical: 1st Grade  

    April 26, 3-5:30pm                  Family Oceans Night  

    May 9, 12:30pm                      Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

    May 11, 11am                         May Festival

    May 16, 5:00pm                     Open House/Art Show

    May 23, 8:45am                     PTA Meeting

    May 21-23                               Camp Sea Lab

    May 25                                     4th Grade Gold Rush

    May 30, 1:15pm                     Kindergarten Promotion

    May 31, 1:15pm                     Fifth Grade Promotion

    June 1                                       Last Day of School