The President shall preside at all General Membership and Executive Board Meetings and prepare the proposed agenda for all General Membership and Executive Board Meetings with input from the Executive Board. Subject to ratification by the Executive Board, the President shall appoint coordinators and committee chairs, including chairs of ad hoc committees.

    Vice President:

    The Vice President shall assist the President and shall perform all duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President shall coordinate election nominations and ballots, and oversee the CRS PTO committees.


    The Treasurer shall collect all funds belonging to the CRS PTO, deposit the same in a bank under the name of the CRS PTO within ten (10) business days from receipt of funds, pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the Executive Board, keep an accurate accounting of the financial activities of the CRS PTO, and file all required tax reports. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing and proposing a budget for the CRS PTO for the first General Membership Meeting and shall provide an updated financial statement at each General Membership Meeting, providing an electronic copy of the updated financial statement to the Communications Officer for posting to the CRS PTO website.


    The Secretary shall keep a summary record of items discussed and actions taken at all Executive Board and General Membership Meetings. The Secretary shall electronically distribute minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership meetings to the Executive Board within one week following any meeting, and once approved, send the approved General Membership Meeting minutes to the Communications Officer for posting on the CRS PTO website. The Secretary shall keep a copy of the minutes book, bylaws, rules, membership list and other necessary supplies, and bring them to meetings.


    Communications Officer:

    The Communications Officer shall be responsible for communications related to CRS PTO events, providing communications to the general membership within two (2) weeks following a General Membership Meeting, facilitating communications between the CRS PTO and Room Parents, maintaining the CRS PTO’s social media accounts and updating the contents of the CRS PTO website, including posting approved meeting minutes and updated financial statements.