Ultimate Fundraiser Chairs

    Event Description A fundraiser to fund so many wonderful things at River School such as field trips, Fall Festival, after school enrichment, May Festival and many more.  To fund these events, each year we need to raise roughly $90,000. The school wide Ultimate Fundraiser (TUF), takes place annually and lasts for approximately the first month of the school year. 

    Event Guidelines Spring of prior school year: recruit team - need volunteer leaders for a variety of action teams.

    Teams Needed

    1. Correspondence coordinator (letters and emails). Work with Connie in front office for lists.

    2. TUF table volunteer coordinator

    3. Prize procurement coordinator

    4. Data coordinator (manage shared spreadsheets in tandem with the treasurer). This person would be the one to draft the emails or work closely with that person.

    5. Teacher liaison (ongoing correspondence with teachers and class parents)

    6. Student prize coordinator (i.e. pizza parties)


    Spring: Develop/Create theme (i.e. Olympics), start to draft intro letter, order donation envelopes (as needed), take photos for emails, create/order banners and other marketing material, and start to secure raffle prizes.

    July: Finalize, print & mail letters. Make sure website is on point. Hang banners. Have team meetings. Have prize procurement almost complete.
    August: Have all sign-up sheets and table decorations ready. Attend all new parent/Kinder events with forms and credit card square on hand. Train volunteers on square (get app on phones). Be ready for big push on back to school night.  Following 2 weeks of morning and afternoon fundraising and emails.


    Otter Cove Chair

    Description: The Otter Cove is a reward store for River School students and is funded entirely by the PTA and run by a team of devoted volunteers.  The Otter Cove is located in the Library and is open lunchtime on Wednesday through Friday.  A schedule is posted on the window showing which day certain grades are welcome to shop.  Children earn “Otter Bucks” from the teachers in various ways. Each teacher has their own system and style of ways you can earn them.  Ask your child what system their class follows.


    Event Guidelines
    • Set “store open” calendar with Office Staff (3 days per week/ 11:40-12:25 Kinder / 12:30-1:15 1st-5th)

    • Coordinate volunteers (10-12 with 2 shifts per month)

    • Maintain volunteer schedule and send reminders

    • Train new volunteers

    • Order and price products (usually 10 otter bucks per $1 of product)

    • Submit receipts for reimbursement to PTA

    • Maintain budget set by PTA $2500



    Fall Festival Chairs

    Event Description: Is an annual fun-filled after-school event where classes and the PTA host carnival booths / activities for students


    Event Guidelines Description coming soon

    BUDGET: $600 - for jump-house fun pack rentals, booth expenses, prizes, supplies and materials



    New Parent Liaison Chair

    Description The purpose of the River School New Parent Liaison Program is to welcome new families to River School and to ease their transition to a new environment.  The program provides a contact for the new family should they have questions or feel lost in those first weeks of school.  In short, it is the: "Hey, we know you are out there and we are happy you’re are here and we are available to help."

    The program enlists the help of parent volunteers who remember what it was like to be new at River School and/or new to the area and will make themselves available to several new families via phone and email to field questions and to relate to the new experiences. 


    He or she collaborates with the PTA President to organize a new parent party sometime in the early Fall.  In addition, ongoing bi-monthly coffee gatherings have been another way for new parents to get to know one another.  Finally, the liaison would touch base with the front office once a month to ask if any new families have joined the school.  If so, the liaison would reach out to them to see how things are going and answer any questions about the school or community. 

    Read-A-Thon Chair

    Event Description Event to get students excited about reading

    Event Guidelines   

    When: The week of Spring Teacher Parent Conferences

    1. Order books to be given out at the beginning of the Read-A-Thon

      1. Scholastic Books has a $1 -$3 books

      2. Start looking for books in October. Order grade appropriate books by grade as you find and  like

    2. Book Marks

      1. When we received a grant, we bought book marks from U-Printing

      2. However, they may be a waste of money and trees

    3. Time

      1. Majority of time is spent the weeks before and a few days after the event

      2. Most of time is spent making copies of logs, grouping them by class and distributing to classes with books

    4. Creativity

      1. Be as creative as you want – nothing is set in stone

      2. Past Activities

        1. Guess the Book Cover Competition

        2. Book drive for Del Rey Oaks Elementary School

    5. Ice Cream Party

      1. Party usually on the Friday after the Read-A-Thon

      2. Need 8-10 volunteers

      3. Purchase all the toppings, ice cream, spoon and bowls

        BUDGET - $1000 for books and ice cream party supplies



    Teacher Appreciation Lunch Chair

    Event Description A lunch to celebrate and thank all the teachers and supporting staff (bus drivers, janitors, front office, etc.) at the school.



    Event Guidelines  Organize signup sheets for parents to bring food, gift-cards for raffle give-a-way, setup and cleanup.

    Budget: $600 for plates, utensils, glass rentals, table flowers and dry cleaning table clothes



    Father Daughter Dance Chair

    Event Description  An event to celebrate the relationship of a father and daughter or a daughter and a significant family member



    Event Guidelines   Create party theme, order supplies and rentals, schedule parent volunteers to come set-up and clean-up.

    BUDGET: $650 for event supplies and rentals. However, the ticket price per child and parent should cover the all expenses to break-even.




    Mother Son Carnival Chair

    Event Description  An event to celebrate the relationship of a mother and son or a son and a significant family member



    Event Guidelines  Create party theme, order supplies and rentals, schedule parent volunteers to come set-up and clean-up. Work closely with the River Dads and funded by the River Dads club.



    Talent Show Chair

    Event Description  Coordinating the annual school Talent Show



    Event Guidelines  coming soon



    Art Show Chair

    Event Description  An art show held in the Multipurpose Room showcasing students' artwork for families



    Date/Time – Usually happens on the 3rd Thursday of May from 5-7pm and is on the same day as the school’s Open House.





    •  Set up meeting with Terry, the school’s art instructor
    • Create schedule and theme


    • Purchase supplies needed (purchase list with Terry)
    • Organize list of parent volunteers
    • Draft art show announcement
    • Draft art show flyer


    •  Terry to work with teachers to select artwork for the art show
    • Labels need to be typed out

    • Send out event teaser to principle

    • Secure volunteers to help mat artwork, setup and break down the event and create volunteer schedule

    • Mid-month, have Jay include in this Friday email  

    •  Provide Terry with all necessary supplies that were purchased
    • Send out communication to teachers (flyer)

    • Have Jay include flyer in this Friday emails

    • Add text to the PTA facebook site

    • Send out announcements/invitations to the school board, city council, and the local paper

    • Send reminder to volunteers

    • Begin matting in the art room

    • Make sure all the artwork has been matted

    • Morning of the event, set up and hang art – 8 volunteers

    • Morning after the event, take down – 5 volunteers

    • BUDGET - $800 for all supplies




      Yearbook Chair

      Event Description  Coordinating and creating the annual yearbook
    • Guidelines   Below is a breakdown of what needs to be done to design the yearbook. I think an email needs to go out regarding photography. If you could get a parent for each event that would be helpful.
    • Photographers/photography is needed for
    • River School Camp Out  
    • Fall Festival
    • Halloween
    • Father Daughter Dance
    • Family Art Night
    • Talent Show
    • Mother Son Carnival
    • The cover and back cover
    • Candid Office staff photos
    • Musical (each grade)
    • The Clubs
    • Character Assemblies
    • Candid photos throughout the year
    • Email room parents
    •     1. Where photos should be sent
    •     2. Criteria for class webpages, where they should be sent and deadline date
    •  Breakdown of Yearbook
    • Fifth grade baby pictures (collecting and organizing)
    • Classroom picture page from each room parent to be given to organizer of yearbook by specified date
    • Student and staff pictures - need to be flowed in, printed out and checked by each teacher
    • Event and candid pages (student life, river school camp out etc.)
    • Cover and back pages