Dear Families,


              Welcome to Room 33!


    I am very excited to share the next nine months with your family. Together, we will be the BEST team for your child.  It will be an amazing year of learning and loving......that is the true meaning of KINDERGARTEN!  To save on paper, I will be emailing home UPDATES to keep you informed and aware of what's happening at Tularcitos Kindergarten. Please send me any and all questions, concerns and feedback. I am here for YOU as much as your child.


    The following reflects my philosophy and commitment to education.


              “My mission is to provide an exceptional educational experience that will prepare your child for life.  There are three parties responsible for success in my classroom: the student, the teacher, and the parent.  The student’s job is to learn every day, show respect to others and think critically.  My job is to create an environment of mutual respect, a climate of wonderment and use best practices to inspire thinking.  I will focus on communication, critical thinking, and creative interaction. The parent’s job is to support the student by providing for his physical and mental well being and show an active interest in his education. These elements encourage individuals to engage in lifelong learning and to be successful and productive in life.”


              Here are some other items that you will need to know about my classroom:

    *My contact information is dmaschmeyer@carmelunified.org. This is the easiest way to contact me. If you need to phone me I can also be reached at 831.620.8195, ext. 233.

    *I am always happy to have parent volunteers.  Please email me if you’re interested.

    *Send a healthy snack daily. Pack it separately from the lunch. Snacks will go in your child's mailbox daily upon arrival.  Lunches will be kept outside on the shelf above your child's coat hook. Please use a lunchbox, the crows are very aggressive.

    *Pack a clean change of clothes to remain in your child’s backpack.

    *Write your child’s name on everything.


              Again, I look forward to a great kindergarten year, and let’s work together to provide an excellent educational experience for your child.




    Deanne Maschmeyer

                Kindergarten Teacher