• June 1

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 6/1/2020

    Good Afternoon, 


    We made it to the final week of school!  Yeah, us!



    We will Zoom on Tuesday (slide shows, opportunity to do a fluency reading), Wednesday (Lip Sync practice), and Friday (Lip Sync Battle).  All Zooms will be at 11:00, and the links are on the “Zoom Schedule” shared Google doc that is in your child’s Google Drive--same doc we have used for the last several weeks.


    Yes, we can keep meeting like this:

    I intend to be available to meet with kids on Tuesdays @ 11 through summer.  Thanks for considering having your child attend. Links are on the Zoom Schedule Google Doc.

    Progress Reports:

    I have been so, so impressed with the class’ participation.  I am sending out an unofficial progress report, so you can see and celebrate the work your kid has done.  A few notes:

    -All students are promoting to fifth grade (sorry if that was ever unclear)

    -Performance on the Imagine Math Benchmark has been stellar. 

    -Some students have declined in fluency and STAR (comprehension).  This is to be expected, given the time-devoted-to-learning differential.  If that ends up being a motivator to maintain a reading habit over summer, great.  Silver lining: all kids in our system are in the same boat.

    -Let me know if you have questions or concerns.  

    -I am not sure data feels celebratory, but I see much to recognize, and hope you do too.

    What to turn in and what to keep:

    Please return: all hardcover books; all packets (complete or not); any assigned workbook pages torn from workbooks; whiteboard; borrowed Chromebook; library books

    Please keep: consumable, softcover workbooks; spiral notebook; whiteboard pen and eraser

    Did I forget anything?


    Thank you!

    The last three months have been challenging, invigorating, exhausting, defeating, and hopeful.  I have marveled at you, with all you had to manage, adjust, grit through, and accept.  I have appreciated your amazing partnership, honesty, openness, and grace.  I have valued the flexibility, gratitude, persistence, and can-do spirit that our students have shown up with throughout.  


    Have a great summer.


    With gratitude,


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  • May 27

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 5/27/2020
    Good morning!
    So, a couple of curveballs—the power outage this morning prevented Reba from baking.  We will do treat pick up tomorrow.  It would be super helpful if you could grab the treats between 11-2.  We will still do our best to deliver if you can’t make it.  Tell me if that is the case for you, please.
    I am currently on hour 3 of sitting in the MPC parking lot waiting for a COVID test (no worries, just precautionary before we see the in-laws).  I should still be able to start the Zoom with Mrs Woodward, so join, please.  Thanks for your patience.  



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  • May 26

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 5/26/2020
    Dear Parents,
    I hope you are all well!
    (1) As a sign of my appreciation for all of your hard work, patience, sense of humor, and grit, I have a treat for each family.  PLEASE PICK UP YOUR FAMILY'S TREAT @ SWEET REBA'S in the Crossroads, starting tomorrow @ 11.  If you can't pick them up, I will deliver to your house.  Let me know if you want them delivered to a different address than the one we have for you on Aeries.
    My plan is to have you present the students with their treat/snack during our experimental Zoom meeting on Thursday @ 2:00.  Can you keep them hidden til then?
    (2) We have a fun art lesson with Mrs. Woodward tomorrow.
    (3) If your child does not attend our live class sessions, please have them do the STAR assessment and Imagine Math Benchmark, which has now been assigned.
    Reminder: All Zoom codes are in the Google doc I shared with you and your child.
    If you would like to have the doc shared or re-shared, let me know.
    Have a great week!

    Elizabeth Marsh

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  • May 22

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 5/22/2020

    Draft of parent letter 5/22:


    Dear Parents,


    As we close Week 9 of distance learning, I have a lengthy email for you.  Thanks, in advance, for your attention.  I know you have many things competing for your time, and appreciate your focus.


    A while ago you received a progress report for your child.  I appreciate all of the questions, requests for how to practice skills, emails, and phone calls.  Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns you have.


    I believe I have now read and commented on the written pieces students submitted--we’d love to hear these essays/projects in class.  A bonus of using Zoom is that presenting to a group feels different/maybe less intimidating than being in the same room.  Hence, we have gotten to enjoy many presentations of kelp forests creatures and biomes, as well as curiosity projects.  I invite students to present as we close out school. 


    The specialist schedule has been shared with you, and I have also included it on my Zoom schedule/class agenda.  Please note: Monday is Memorial Day, and no classes will be held.  Mr. Shugars has invited the fourth graders to join his class on Tuesday @ 2:30 or Wed @ 2:00.


    There are a number of end-of-year assessments to complete.  We are doing those in class, but some of your children don’t attend.  If that is the case for your student, please complete these:

    1. Healthy Kids Survey (taken yesterday in class): surveys.wested.org/chks/YJ734ZR
    2. Composers Test (will be taken in class today): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jcfCTTz_lISrCXtFYTftzuqEv07P6WWTYWT2uArnL6g/edit?ts=5ec4119a
    3. STAR Reading (will be taken in class next Thursday): take on Renaissance via Classlink
    4. Imagine Math Benchmark (will be taken in class next Thursday): not yet assigned, can be taken starting next Thursday on Imagine Math via Classlink.


    On Thursday, 5/28, I will be running an experimental longer class session from 11:00-2:30 (see the Zoom Schedule shared doc for the evolving agenda).  Otherwise, class will be held 11:00-11:45ish next week (excepting Monday).  Mrs. Meheen is available for tutoring in class, and afterward.  We will celebrate birthdays, as scheduled.  I have recorded birthday circle celebrations for students when they aren’t present, but it is more fun to have them in attendance for their recognition.  


    On June 1 and 2, parents will be dropping off completed work, textbooks, and any borrowed devices.  Student artwork/desk contents will be there for you to pick up.  Please let me know if you have any questions about that.

    Finally, I would love to continue some form of check in with the students over the summer.  My motive is two-pronged (1) I have seen significant learning loss, and I hope to combat this problem a little, and (2) I will miss seeing and interacting with your children.  I have been so encouraged and inspired by the dedication and engagement I have seen by so many students.  

    I am thinking of a weekly check in, via Zoom. Maybe Tuesdays @ 11?  I will keep talking to students about this, but would love to hear from you as well.


    Enjoy a well-deserved three day weekend. I appreciate your continued diligence, grit, and sense of humor.


    All my best,



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  • May 11

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 5/11/2020
    Hello Parents,
    I hope you all had a nice Mother's Day!
    By now you should have received a progress report for your child.  I was so impressed by the work that was handed in that I wanted to acknowledge it.  Please let me know if you have questions, comments, or concerns.  
    I don't know how many conversations you have about school, but please know that my colleagues were not able to get their students' work before we were locked out of campus.  I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. 
    I remain inspired and humbled by the grace and determination I see from your children and from you.
    Have a nice evening! 

    Elizabeth Marsh

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Carmel River School

    For more information, visit my webpage: http://www.carmelunified.org/Domain/86​z​

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  • May 4

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 5/4/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Big news: We are going to see our Kindergarten buddies this Thursday, May 7 at 9:00 am.  Use the same Zoom link as always: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/4107
    We have some fun/important events...please have your kids attend as many as possible.  We will celebrate birthdays at 11:30, so if your child is working independently, have them join the Zoom call then.
    May 4: Today: Keira's bday
    May 7:  K Buddies @ 9 
    May 11: Mrs. Marsh's bday
    May 13: Hamilton's bday
    May 14: NO ZOOM CLASS (fun school wide event you'll hear about from Mr. Marden)
    May 15: 4th grade girls puberty education from 10-12
    May 18: Abigail's bday
    May 20: Isa's bday
    May 21: Georgia's bday
    May 22: Nicholai's bday
    May 25: Memorial Day; no school
    May 27: Cole's bday
    May 28: Aditi's bday
    May 29: Julia's bday
    This week I am going to do a fluency reading with each student.  It is most convenient for me to have the kids come to Zoom class (they will read in a breakout room, so it's quiet).  If Zoom is not an option for any reason, I'll give you a call, and they can read to me via phone.
    I am working on the links to answer keys- on my webpage-I apologize for frustrations you've  had with them!  The math keys are up now.  Also, I am playing with Google Classroom, but it is probably not going to be much of a factor in our distance learning this year.  I will send you a progress report late this week or early next week.  
    Thank you for all you are doing!
    May the fourth be with you,

    Elizabeth Marsh

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  • April 24

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 4/24/2020
    Hello Co-Teachers,
    Another week in the books.  Congratulations to us all!  
    Today in the Zoom classroom @ 11, we will:
    (1) Have our first Curiosity Project Presentation.  Julia and Gianna have been working hard on their Astrology slide show.  I loved watching their rehearsal!
    (2) Play Hollywood Squares, with some silly animal questions I've written.  
    I am so impressed and encouraged by the amount of paperwork that your students did for the first 3 weeks of distance learning.  Thank you for returning all of that work!  I am sorting through it, and attempting to grade and record it via Google Classroom.  It is slow going, but I want you to know how appreciative I am.
    Patterns of participation are emerging, so please bear with me as I explore. 
    (a) some students are showing up in Zoom most days, and doing schoolwork there
    (b) some students are showing up in Zoom most days, with much of their schoolwork completed
    (c) some students/families are working more independently, and from some I get feedback about progress/challenges though: emails, phone calls, ILM and AR activity, submitted writing via Google Drive, participation in Google Classrooms, etc.
    I find the diversity interesting and exciting, and am intrigued, invigorated, and exhausted ; ) by the possibilities.  For now, here is what I am planning:
    (a) stay the course--keep showing up in Zoom, use Mrs. Meheen's formidable content and tech skills to your advantage: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/377
    (b) For you: correct your work: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/381 and use the many resources on Classlink and elsewhere; For me: I will be trying ways to extend your learning--please keep coming to the Zoom classroom--I appreciate your preparedness and patience
    (c) stay the course--keep letting me know how it is going, if possible; Use the resources on my webpage as needed: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/381
    I send you continued gratitude for your grace, agility, and persistence as we navigate this ever-changing new normal.
    Have a great weekend,
    Elizabeth Marsh
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  • April 20

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 4/20/2020
    Good Morning,
    I hope you all had a relaxing Spring Break!  
    Three things:
    (1) Today is Oliver's birthday.  There will be a parade past his house on Fisher Place at 1:00 today.  It will be fun to see you there.  
    (2) Mrs. Meheen's tutoring schedule is up: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/377
    (3) The Zoom Room will be open every day at 11:00.  Please note: we will start tomorrow's Study Hall with questions from the Scoot for Topic 16.  Please have your child do pp 448-449 prior to the Study Hall.
    See you soon,

    Elizabeth Marsh

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Carmel River School

    For more information, visit my webpage: http://www.carmelunified.org/Domain/86

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  • April 10

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 4/10/2020
    Hello Parents,
    Our first month of virtual schooling is complete.  Thank you again for your incredible creativity, patience, and flexibility!  I so appreciate all of you picking up the next set of materials.  Now, be sure NOT to work on that stuff next week., and have a nice Spring Break!  I will do my best not to check email for the next 9 days, and not bug you during that time either.
    While things may change (as that seems to be the norm in our current situation), my plan when we return is something like this.  The Zoom Room will be open everyday from 11:00-11:45, and both Mrs. Meheen and I will be present:
    Monday: we will focus on Math concepts
    Tuesday: Study Hall; we have at least 12 adults attending; including Ms. Bans to work on extension activities and Miss Veronica to run a Girl Power Group.  Please have your child attend when possible.
    Wednesday: We will focus on Reading in small groups; I will also do fluency readings with the students, as a check in
    Thursday: Ms. Bans will join us for more extension opportunities--if your kid is wanting more, please have them attend.  More academic help will be offered as well.
    Friday: Sharing: for example, we have a presentation on Astronomy and Astrology, by two of our students, planned.
    Also, Mrs. Meheen is available for scheduled work sessions (small group or 1:1) from 11:45-12:15 everyday.  When we return, you can book a time with her.
    Reminder, my webpage will continue to be updated with digital copies of the work, resources, and answer keys.
    Finally, many of you have communicated with me about how things are going for you.  I really appreciate your honesty!  It is very helpful to hear from you.
    Have a wonderful Spring Break!

    Elizabeth Marsh

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Carmel River School

    For more information, visit my webpage: http://www.carmelunified.org/Domain/86

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  • April 3

    Posted by Elizabeth Marsh on 4/3/2020

    Happy Friday!!

    Well, we've made it through the week!  Thank you again for your fortitude and nimbleness.
    Next week, I am going to offer more instruction.  I will have the Zoom room open every day at 11:00.  Mrs. Meheen and I will be there to give instruction and tutoring.  I hope to see your child in class: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/4107
    Just one last thing: please have your child accept my invitation to Google Classroom.  
    Have a great weekend!  You are appreciated.
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