• Imagine that our school has received a $1,000.00 donation for Unicef and you are in charge of deciding how it will be spent. Choose from 7 to 10 items from the Unicef website and record them in your spreadsheet. Decide on the quantity and use the spreadsheet to help you calculate your actual total cost. Your total cost needs to be as close to $1,000.00 as possible without going over. You may adjust the quantity of items in your list to try to spend every penny you have.
    Use the Unicef website to help you choose items to donate.  Be sure to SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE to find the gifts that you are choosing from.  
    Use these formulas to help you keep track of your gifts:
    =Product(B2,C2)  OR  =B2*C2
    Challenge: Create a circle graph the shows how your $1,000.00 was spent.  Copy and paste into a Google Doc and write a paragraph explaining your choices.