• Spelling tests are typically on Fridays.  
    Lots of practice options are found here on Spelling City: 
    Ms. Hartnett's class practices spelling by sorting words with similar patterns. Students take their spelling tests on Spelling City every Friday morning.
    Here is the spelling menu we are using:  
                                                                      Spelling Menu

    #1 Word Sort


    Sort your words by spelling pattern and/or spelling sounds.



    #2 Games


    Play memory or another game with your spelling words.


    #3 Practice


    Practice your words using the say, look, cover, and spell process. If you make an error, repeat until you can spell it without looking.


    #4 Exercise Words


    Spell your words while you do jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, etc.

    #5 Spelling Bee


    Have someone call out your words. Say the word, spell it correctly, and then say the word again.





    #6 Rhyme Time


    Write each spelling word. Then, write a rhyming word with the same spelling pattern. Use a made-up word if there is no real word that rhymes.


    #7 Change Meaning


    Write each spelling word. Then, add a prefix or suffix to each word. Finally, write how the meaning of the word changes with the prefix or suffix.


    #8 Super Syllables


    Write each word and divide it into syllables. Use a dictionary to help you if you need it.

    #9 New Word Hunt


    Create a list of additional words that have the same spelling feature or phonics rule we are studying.


    #10Computer Fun


    Type your spelling words in a list. Use any font or size. Print it out or share the Google Doc with to your teacher.


    #11 Silly Sentences


    Choose 10 words and create a silly sentence for each one. You may write or type them.

    #12Word Scramble


    Have someone scramble the letters of your spelling words. Then, unscramble them. (Ex: atc = cat)

    #13 Flashcards


    Quiz yourself or have someone quiz you after making flashcards for your words. You can also make up sentences by combining 2-3 flashcards into a sentence.


    #14 Tricky Words


    Write the 3 trickiest spelling words and explain why they might be tricky and any tips for remembering them.

    #15 Two-Colored Words


    Write the consonants for each word in one color, and write the vowels in another color.

    #16 Free Choice


    Think of your own activity to practice your spelling words. Attach your work or have your parent initial in the spelling box on your HW cover sheet if the activity was done without paper.




    Here is the link for Spelling City:


    User Name: first initial last name 23

    Password: 4-digit lunch number twice


    Happy spelling!