Reading Literature and Informational Text

    1. Asks and answers questions about key details in the text

    2. Retells stories to include key details

    3. Describes characters, settings, and events in a story

    4. Explains the difference between books that tell stories and books that give information

    5. Identifies main topic and key details when reading informational text

    6. Uses text features to ask and answer questions about details in the text


    Reading Foundational Skills

    1. Recognizes features of a sentence including capitalization and ending punctuation

    2. Knows and applies grade-level phonics ; knows every syllable must have a vowel sound

    3. Recognizes and reads grade-level words

    4. Reads accurately and fluently with expression


    1. Writes opinion pieces about a topic or book with reason for opinion

    2. Writes informative and explanatory texts including topic, details and closure

    3. Writes narratives about two or more events with details

    Listening and Speaking

    1. Participates in collaborative conversations by asking and answering questions appropriately

    2. Follows simple two-step directions

    3. Expresses ideas and feelings clearly using complete sentences


    1. Demonstrates command of grammar and usage

    2. Prints all uppercase and lowercase letters

    3. Uses correct capitalization and punctuation

    4. Spells grade level words appropriately and spells untaught words phonetically

    5. Determines meaning of unknown words by looking at parts of the word and sentence

    6. Sorts words into categories and defines words by key attributes

Last Modified on August 9, 2016