• Below is a summary of the California State Standards for Kindergarten Language Arts and Math.  These standards define what your child is expected to master by the end of Kindergarten.  We base our curriculum implementation upon these standards while balancing where each child's strengths and areas of need are throughout the year.





    Reading Literature and Informational Text

    1.       I can identify parts of a book.

    2.      I can name and identify the roles of the author and the illustrator.

    3.      I can recognize common types of text.

    Reading Foundational Skills

    4.      I can use left to right and top to bottom progression.

    5.      I can understand print spacing.

    6.      I can identify upper case letters.

    7.      I can identify lower case letters.

    8.      I can say letter sounds.

    9.      I can identify long and short vowel sounds.

    10.  I can understand rhyming.

    11.   I can identify syllables.

    12.  I can blend and segment onsets and rimes.

    13.  I can read consonant vowel consonant words.

    14.  I can read simple sentences.

    15.  I can read high frequency words.


    16.  I can use left to right and top to bottom progression.

    17.  I can write a complete sentence.

    18.  I can use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to create an opinion piece, informative/explanatory text, and a narrative of a single event.

    Listening and Speaking

    19.  I can participate and ask questions in a collaborative conversation.

    20. I can understand and follow one and two-step directions.

    21.  I can speak audibly and express ideas clearly.


    22. I can write upper and lowercase letters.

    23. I can write consonant vowel consonant words.

    24. I can recognize and name end punctuation.




    Counting and Cardinality

    1.       I can count to 100 by ones.

    2.     I can count to 100 by tens.

    3.     I can count forward from a given number.

    4.     I can count, write, and show numbers from 0 to 20.

    5.     I can identify groups that are greater than, less than, and equal to, using objects.

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    6.     I can show that I understand addition and subtraction.

    7.     I can put together objects that show numbers to 10 and break the objects up into parts.

    8.     I can quickly add and subtract within 5.

    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

    9.     I can show that I understand numbers from 11 to 19.

    Measurement and Data

    10.  I can describe and compare different weights and lengths.

    11.   I can classify, sort, and order objects.

    12.  I can understand the concepts of time.


    13.  I can identify, describe, and compare shapes.

    14.  I can make and draw shapes.

    15.  I can combine simple shapes to form larger shapes.


    Here is the link for the California Department of Education’s California State Standards website: