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     Kodable  Kodable Hour of Code is a very basic introduction to the logic of computer coding.  No reading necessary. Beginners
     Tynker Hour of Code - select the correct age level first.  Good for beginners, but more advanced students will also find challenges.
     Run Marco
     Run Marco - Hour of Code puzzles for beginners.

     Made with code

    Made With Code - follow instructions and use blocks to create virtual projects.


     Code Monster


     Code Monster - interactive lessons to learn coding and how code works. Uses JavaScript.


     khan academy

     HOUR OF CODE - Khan Academy interactive lessons for hour of code.  Beginner level.  JavaScript


     khan academy

     JAVASCRIPT.  More interactive lessons from the Khan Academy designed to teach basic Javascript.


     Code Academy

    Code Academy - more lessons.  Need a free account.


    Code Combat

    Game based tutorials to learn coding.